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What is a food expeditor?

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A food expeditor, also called “expo” for short, is a food service professional who is responsible for coordinating food orders and making sure they are delivered promptly and prepared accurately. Expeditors also play a vital role in keeping the kitchen organized and running smoothly.

Why do restaurants need food expeditors?

Every restaurant needs a food expeditor because they play a crucial role in ensuring that food orders are fulfilled efficiently ,effectively, and accurately. Without an expeditor, there would be a greater risk of errors, delays, and poor communication between the kitchen and front of house staff.

Expeditors typically have a lot of experience working in restaurants and are familiar with the inner workings of a kitchen. This makes them uniquely qualified to handle the coordination between the front of the house and back of the house.

How does Square for Restaurants support food expeditors?

Square’s kitchen display systems offers both prep and expeditor station settings. The expo station will be able to view completed items and tickets from prep stations as well as recall completed tickets to either just the expo station or to both prep and expo stations.

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