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Square Card: A better business debit card.

No more waiting on bank transfers—spend your money right away with Square Card.

A business debit card without any recurring fees.

Square Card is a business debit card that gives you real-time access to the money you process every day with Square—no bank transfers needed. You can use Square Card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, with no monthly fees, sign-up fees, or annual fees.

Easy to order

Real-time funds

No recurring fees

Simplified reporting


Community benefit

A business debit card that puts you in control of your money.

Put Square Card in your wallet fast

It’s free to order and takes two minutes to sign up. And with no credit check required or long-term commitments, it’s the business debit card you deserve.

Make it personal

Promote your small business every time you use your debit card. Personalized signatures and laser etching make you stand out.

Skip the fees

Square Card has no annual fees, minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, or other recurring fees. Just use it like you would any other business debit card.*

*Square will never charge you for ATM withdrawals, but ATM providers may charge you an ATM fee when you make withdrawals.

Keep tabs on your money

Square Card is linked to your point of sale so you can see your money coming in and going out all in one place. Download a Square Card transaction report to view your expenses so you can simplify balancing your books or filing taxes.

Don’t wait for your money

When you make a sale, your money goes straight to your Square Balance, and you can spend it right away with your Square Card wherever Mastercard® is accepted—no need to transfer funds to your bank. Send money between your bank account and Square Balance with Square Transfers at any time.

Support Square sellers

Spend at other Square businesses in the community and get 2.75% off purchases made with your Square Card.

Use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and tap-to-pay

Square Card works with Apple Pay and Google Pay, so you can use your phone to pay online, in-app, or in person. Just add your card to your phone using your Square Point of Sale app. You can also tap your Square Card to pay—it’s a contactless card that makes checkout even faster.

PD01352 - apple pay google pay badges

How Square Card works.

1. Make a sale with Square and watch that money go directly into your Square Balance. (No more waiting for transfers to your bank.)

2. Spend that money right away with Square Card—on anything your business needs—wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

3. Transfer money between your Square Balance and your external bank account whenever you want.

Square Card by the numbers:

Fees and Account Square Big Banks
Service fee $0 $10–$16/month
Minimum balance required $0 $500–$5,000
Overdraft fees $0 $35/item
Minimum initial transfer $0 $25–$1,500
Monthly account service fee $0 $10–$16/month
ATM fee $0 from Square; ATM provider fees apply Free-$10

“When a client pays me, I can keep track of my expenses by using my Square Card. I just leave it in my Square Balance and spend down. That’s way better for me and easier than transferring money to a separate bank account.”

Chef Andrea Lawson Gray

No hidden fees, sign-up fees, or annual fees, with Square Card.

Don’t have an account with Square? Sign up today.