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Square Debit Card FAQ

How much does Square Debit Card cost?

Square Debit Card is free to order and has no monthly fees, minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, or any other recurring fees. Read more about Square Debit Card.
Square’s payment processing fees are separate and still apply.

How do I get a Square Debit Card?

You will automatically receive a Square Debit Card, when you open a Square Checking account.
To open a Square Checking account, visit the Balance section of your online Dashboard or Square app. Keep in mind that Square Debit Card is associated with only one location.

How many Square Debit Cards can I have?

Square account holders can have up to five debit cards on one account, and additional users, such as managers or other staff, can be invited to use these additional cards and spend from the Square Checking account balance. Additional debit cards come at no cost. Only Square account owners can take most actions on these cards, such as locking or canceling the debit card, viewing transactions, and managing notifications.

Learn more about managing multiple Square Debit Cards in our Support Center.

How do I activate my Square Debit Card?

Once you receive your physical Square Debit Card in the mail, you can activate the card from the Square Point of Sale app, from your online Square Dashboard, or by scanning the QR code mailed with your card with a mobile device.

Read more about how to activate your Square Debit Card in our Support Center.

Where can I use my Square Debit Card?

You can spend funds with your Square Debit Card internationally anywhere Mastercard® debit cards are accepted (including in-person, online, and at ATMs).

Can I use Square Debit Card at an ATM?

Square Debit Card can be used at any ATM that accepts Mastercard® debit cards. The maximum amount which can be withdrawn at an ATM is $500-$3,000 per transaction, $1,000-$3,000 per day, $1,000-$7,000 per week, and $2,000-$10,000 per month.

Note: Square does not charge you any ATM fees, but ATM providers may charge you a fee when you make withdrawals.

Can I change the name on my Square Debit Card?

The Square Debit Card is issued to the Square account owner. When a Square account is transferred to a new owner, we automatically deactivate any Square Cards on the account. Once a new account is set up with a new owner, they can sign up for a new Square Card with their information.

Why was my Square Debit Card declined?

Transactions can be declined for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: insufficient funds in your Square Checking balance, ATM limit reached, suspected fraud payment, unactivated Square Debit Card, or incorrect billing zip code or CVC.
Keep in mind, you can link a debit card to instantly add funds to your Square Checking balance — so you’re always ready for purchases on your Square Debit Card, regardless of your daily sales. Learn more about adding funds to your Square Checking balance.

Why doesn’t my Square Debit Card have contactless?

If you ordered a Square Debit Card prior to Feb 2019, it did not ship with contactless. In case you want a contactless Square Debit Card, please place a new Square Debit Card order.

Does Square Debit Card work with peer-to-peer payment providers (e.g. Cash App, Venmo)?

You are not currently able to link Square Debit Card as your debit card in peer-to-peer payment services.

How do I deactivate my Square Debit Card?

You can deactivate your Square Debit Card right from the Square app. To do so:

  1. Open your app and go to Balance > Checking.
  2. Tap Get help with Checking and select from the options listed.
    In case you need to, you can order a new card by selecting I lost my card, My card was stolen, or I never received my card.

Why did Square ask me for more information about my debit card purchases?

Square may sometimes decline suspicious transactions in order to protect your account. When this happens, Square will reach out to you to request additional information. We will review it and get back to you within two days. During this time, your card may be locked from making further transactions.

Why is my Square Debit Card locked?

In order to keep your Square account safe, our team ensures detecting any suspicious account activity. If we determine a suspicious account activity we will reach out to you via SMS notification to your registered phone number with Square. Once you receive our SMS notification you will need to contact us via phoneat your earliest convenience to proceed with the account review.

Will I be notified of suspicious transactions on my account?

Yes, you can opt in to receiving SMS notifications when certain types of transactions occur on your account. Qualifying transactions include international purchases, online card not present purchases, or declined transactions, and the notification will contain transaction information along with the option to lock your card directly from the SMS message. Once you’ve viewed the transaction information, you can unlock your card at any time.

You can update your notification preferences or unlock your card from the Balance section of your online Square Dashboard or the Square app at any time. Unlocking your card via SMS isn’t currently available.