View Your Square Checking Activity

You will be able to view all activity regarding your Square Checking balance, and your spending activity on your Square Debit Card from the Balance section of the Square Point of Sale app, the Square Dashboard app, and your online Square Dashboard.

Square account owners can also order up to five Square Debit Cards. Additional team members on your Square account, such as managers or other staff, can be invited to use the Square Debit Cards but will not have access to view the card’s stored balance or view transactions. If additional Square Debit Cards are added to a Square account, transactions will be reflected in the Activity section of your Square Point of Sale app and in your online Square Dashboard, with the name of the person the debit card is assigned to along with the last 4 digits of the card.

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View your activity

The Balance shows your current Square Checking balance and recent activity in your Square Checking account, including Square payment processing, Square Debit Card spend, transfers, mobile check deposits, and other credits or debits to your Checking balance.

From your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Balance tab of your online Square Dashboard and select a location under Locations.

  2. In the Recent activity section, select View all activity.

From your Square Point of Sale app

  1. Open your app > Balance.

  2. Tap View all Activity.

From the Square Dashboard app

  1. Open the Square Dashboard app and tap Banking.

  2. From the Locations section, select the Square Checking account you’d like to view activity for.

  3. Tap View all activity. From here, you can separate by All, Sales, Card spend, and Transfers.


Your Square payment processing activity will appear in the activity list. This activity includes Square payment processing sales, refunds, and disputes. Multiple payment processing activities that occur right after each other will be grouped together under a single Sales line item. You can view all of the activities within these grouped line items by selecting the respective row. 

You can filter the view to just Square payment processing activity using the Sales tab.

Square Debit Card Spend

At the top of your activity you will be able to view any pending Square Debit Card transactions. Note the amount of these transactions may change when they are completed. Below any pending transactions, you can view completed Square Debit Card transactions. 

You can filter the view to just Square Debit Card activity using the Card spend tab.


The activity view also includes transfers made into and out of your Square Checking balance, including next-business-day transfers, instant transfers, and transfers made using your account and routing numbers. You can filter the view to just transfer activity using the Transfers tab.

Note: Pending inbound transfers may not immediately reflect in your Square Checking balance.

Download your Checking Account Statement

With Square Checking you can download statements of your checking account activity from your online Square Dashboard. 

You can access your Square Checking statements from your online Square Dashboard in two ways:

From your Square Checking settings: 

  1. Select Balance > Select one of your locations under Locations

  2. Select the gear icon > Checking settings.

  3. Click Account statements under Documents 

  4. Select the statement you wish to download.

From your Activity section:

  1. Select Balance > Select one of your locations under Locations

  2. Navigate to View all activity > Download. > Account statements

  3. Select the statement you wish to download. 

Your Square Checking statements will be available to download the first day of the following month, e.g. on August 1st, you will be able to download your July statement. Statements will still be available to download even if you didn’t have any activity in that time period.