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View Your Square Card Activity

You will be able to view all activity regarding your Square Balance, and your spending activity on your Square Card from the Balance section of your Square app and online Square Dashboard

View your activity

The Balance tab shows your current Square balance and recent activity including Square Card spending activity and transfer activity, as well as options to manage your Square card. If you have an active account number with Square Card, any credits that you receive on your Square balance will be posted here too.

From your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Balance tab of your online Square Dashboard .

  2. Select Activity > All.

From your Square app

  1. Open your Square app > Balance.

  2. Tap All Activity.

Square Card spend

Selecting Square Card at the bottom of the page will allow you to view the card spend section including all your Square Card activity.

At the top of this section you will be able to view any pending Square Card transactions. These transactions may not reflect in your Square balance until they have been completed.

Below this section you can view completed Square card transactions which show transactions reflected in your square Balance.


This tab shows transfers made to and from your linked bank account out of your Square Balance. 

Funds coming into your Square Balance will be reflected in green, and funds transferred to your linked bank account will be shown in grey.

Note: Pending inbound transfers may not immediately reflect in your Square Balance.

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