EMV Liability

Protect yourself from EMV payment disputes.

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Liability Shift

What are EMV cards?

EMV cards include a computer chip that creates an extra layer of security, protecting your payment details with a new code each time the card is used. This makes them far less susceptible to fraud.

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What is this “liability shift”?

Previously, credit card issuers were responsible for funds stolen during a fraudulent transaction. Now liability for fraud or payment disputes goes to whichever party is least compliant with the new EMV system. So if you swipe a chip card when you should have dipped, issuers won’t reimburse you.

Liability for magstripe and EMV chip cards.

Magstripe cards (without chips)

As long as it doesn’t have a chip and you swipe it, you won’t be liable for an EMV payment dispute. Make sure to always check your cardholder's ID and have them authorize the payment.

EMV chip cards

You need to dip any chip cards presented to you in order to protect yourself.

Protect your money with Square Reader for contactless and chip.

With over 90% of Square customers using chip cards, chances are you see them every day. Payment disputes from swiping instead of dipping a chip card are usually resolved in the customer’s favor, which means you have to cover the loss.

Square for chip cards

Order your Square Reader for contactless and chip.

It’s fast, secure, wireless, and designed for every business—everywhere.

  • Accept NFC payments (including Apple Pay) and chip cards anywhere your business takes you.
  • Swipe magstripe cards with the Square Reader for magstripe included in the box (as long as your customer’s card doesn’t have a chip).
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Check device compatibility.
  • Switch to EMV and NFC without long-term contracts or reterminalization fees.
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Accept every way your customers pay.

Dip the chip.

EMV chip cards are the new standard in payment cards. Insert the chip card into the reader and leave it in place until the lights turn green (usually around 3 seconds).

Tap for mobile.

Take mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Wallet by having your customers hold their phone above the reader until the sale is complete.


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