EMV Liability Shift

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Liability Shift

What is the liability shift?

If you swipe the magstripe on the back of a chip card instead of dipping the chip, you could be liable for certain kinds of fraud—instead of your bank or the card issuer. Square doesn’t want you to be liable. So we created a new chip card reader that lets you accept the latest, most secure ways your customers want to pay.

You’re covered immediately with Square.

We cover fraudulent swiped chip card transactions from the moment you start using your new reader. Square also covers you with Chargeback Protection so you can resolve disputes with ease.

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Magstripe cards (without chip)

Not everyone will have chip cards and that’s okay. As long as it doesn’t have a chip, you can swipe the card without being liable for any fraudulent charges.

EMV chip cards

EMV chip cards can be identified by their embedded chip on the front of the card. They also have a magnetic stripe on the back, but in order to protect yourself from any liability, you need to dip any chip cards presented to you.

Square is here for all kinds of sellers.

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Time to upgrade.

70% of consumers are now carrying chip cards.


Since 10/1/15

The “liability shift” was implemented to encourage merchants to increase card security and reduce counterfeit fraud.

We’re #1! (in fraud)

The U.S. currently has the most card fraud in the world.

Chip cards use a new encryption for every sale, making sales more secure.

2 mins

Time it takes to order a new EMV card reader from Square.

Square for chip cards

Order your Square contactless and chip reader.

Introducing our most powerful reader yet. Fast, secure, wireless, and designed for every business—everywhere.

  • Accept NFC payments (including Apple Pay) and chip cards.
  • Swipe magstripe cards with the magstripe reader included in the box—as long as your customer’s card doesn’t have a chip, you won’t be liable when you swipe.
  • Use with compatible iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Check device compatibility.
  • Switch to EMV and NFC without long-term contracts or reterminalization fees.
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Accept every way your customers pay.

Process Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express at 2.75% per swipe, dip, or tap. No monthly fees or contracts. No hidden fees.

Dip the chip.

Chip cards (or EMV) are the new standard in payment cards. Chip cards are inserted into the reader, then left in place for the duration of the sale.

Made for mobile.

Accept any way your customers pay—when Apple Pay or Google Wallet come across the counter, take mobile NFC payments with ease.


Order your Square Reader for $49 and process credit cards right out of the box. Start at 2.75% per swipe, dip, or tap for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Swipe $100, see $97.25 in your bank account in one to two business days. No monthly fees, no commitments, no surprises.

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