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Point-of-sale software designed to grow with you.

Compatible with Apple and Android devices.

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Payments, digital receipts, open tickets, inventory, reports, and more—Square makes it all easy.

Powerful enough for every business

From retail to bakeries, Square’s POS system serves every kind of business.

Works on Apple and Android

The Square POS app is free to download. Use it as a mobile POS on a smartphone or on a tablet at your counter.

Always getting better

We’re always building new tools and features. Keep your business up to speed with free POS software updates.


Customize your counter. Take payments on the go.

Get the hardware you need to take payments anywhere your customers are. Complete your countertop with Square Stand plus a custom point-of-sale kit, and get a mobile POS with Square Reader.

  • Stand

    A stylish, state-of-the-art POS system that turns an iPad into a touchscreen register and card payment terminal.

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  • Custom POS Kits

    Whether you’re running a restaurant, salon, or anything in between, there’s a Square point-of-sale hardware solution designed with your business in mind.

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  • Magstripe reader

    Plug the magstripe reader into your device, and you’ve got a mobile POS system that lets you swipe debit and credit cards anywhere.

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  • Contactless and chip reader

    Make sure your POS terminal is ready to accept EMV chip cards and NFC payments like Apple Pay with the Square contactless and chip reader.

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No training necessary.

Square’s POS system is designed to get your staff up and running quickly. Drag and drop items and categories, customize your items grid, and bring popular items front and center.

Receipt and tipping options

Customers can choose between digital (email or text message) and printed receipts. Suggested tip options keep employees happy, too.

Open tickets and split tender

Keep tabs open and let your customers pay when it’s convenient. Split a tab by cards or take payments multiple ways.

Learn more about Open Tickets

Manage inventory in real time

Change item details like price, name, or quantity in real time. Track stock quantities and get email alerts when items run low.

Learn more about Square Inventory

Integrated payment processing.

No need to set up a separate processing account. Accept cards, cash, checks, and gift cards with Square’s free POS software.

Clear pricing, no surprises

Process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express at 2.75% per swipe, chip card dip, or NFC payment. There are no long-term commitments or monthly fees, and Square’s point-of-sale software is free to download and free to use across all your mobile and countertop terminals.

Learn more about Square Pricing

Take payments offline

When your connection is down, your business doesn’t have to be. Take payments without a connection in Offline Mode and pay the usual 2.75% per swipe. Payments taken offline are automatically queued in your POS system and processed when your connection comes back.

Learn more about Offline Mode

Deposits the next business day

Know exactly when you’re getting paid. Square deposits money accepted with your POS terminal directly into your bank account in one to two business days. Want your funds even faster? With Instant Deposit, you can get deposits instantly, even on weekends and late at night.

Serious security

Card information is encrypted at swipe, and each transaction is monitored to detect suspicious behavior. Square’s POS software never stores data on your device after a payment has been processed.

Learn more about Square Security

Make more informed business decisions.

When the work day is done, sign in to your free Square Dashboard from any computer. From new customer information to sales by item, see what’s working or where to improve.

Learn more about Square Analytics

Manage employee access.

Use Square’s POS software to control what data your employees can access with employee passcodes. Keep tabs on who sold and refunded what.

Timecards at the register

Square’s POS system lets employees clock in and out right at your register. Every transaction is linked to an employee, which speeds up reconciling tips and commissions.

Mobilize your staff

When lines get long, equip staff with Square Readers and a smartphone or tablet—send them out with their mobile POS systems to ring up customers.

Learn more about Employee Management

Multiple locations, one account.

Edit your menu, employee timecards, and prices for different locations from anywhere, all through your Square Dashboard.

Reporting tools you can grow with

Filter reports by employee, location, and device. Create revenue-per-labor-hour reports to see what’s working and core multi-unit reports your accountant will love.

Open new locations in a few clicks

Set up new locations from anywhere with Square’s POS software. Quickly assign employees and build your item library, then start selling in your new store immediately.

Learn more about Location Management

Send invoices

Send invoices straight from your POS to your customers’ inboxes. They can pay securely with a few clicks.

Learn more about Square Invoices

Start selling gift cards

Customize your own cards or choose from our designs, and pay no monthly subscription or redemption fees.

Learn more about Square Gift Cards

Get private customer feedback

Communicate directly with customers with Square Feedback. Send coupons or discounts to make sure everyone stays a happy customer.

Learn more about Square Feedback

Create customer profiles

Collect customers' key contact information at the register. See their sales history and contact them through Customer Engagement.

Learn more about Square Customer Directory

Easy email marketing

Square’s email marketing software helps you send announcements, promotions, and event email to keep your business top of mind.

Learn more about Square Email Marketing

Integrate with other services

Connect your Square point-of-sale system to services like QuickBooks, Xero, Stitch Labs inventory, and more. Create custom solutions for your business with the Square Connect API.

Learn about Square App Marketplace

Pay employees in just a few clicks

Employees clock in and out from Square’s POS system, and their hours import automatically to Square Payroll. All your payroll tax filings, sick leave, and compliance are taken care of.

Learn more about Square Payroll

Get your deposits instantly

Deposit funds from your POS terminal to your bank account in seconds with Instant Deposit, and pay only 1% of the total amount.

Learn more about Instant Deposit

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet
Offline Mode for payments without a connection
Full or partial refunds
Process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
Printable sales reports on iPad, Android phone and tablet
Sync with QuickBooks, Xero, and Stitch Labs
Adjustable taxes, tipping, and discounts
Customizable loyalty programs and rewards
Payments & Orders
Process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
Tipping by percentage or custom amount
Manually-enter credit cards
Adjustable tax settings
Employee PIN access (iPad only)
Record cash, checks, gift cards, other with note
Customer signature and tip on paper receipt (iPad only)
Receipts via connected receipt printer
Tip and sign on paper (iPad only)
Free Square Readers for staff
Custom amount entry
Toggle signature on/off under $25.00
Issue full or partial refunds
Loyalty programs and rewards
Accept online orders for pickup
Customer signature and tip on device
Digital receipts via text message or email
Re-send receipts
Apply discounts
Offline Mode
Detailed employee permissions in the Square App and in the Dashboard
Employee sales and tip tracking at the point of sale
Clock in and out at the point of sale
Hours worked and sales by labor hour reports in the Dashboard
Report on all your locations with Square Dashboard
Manage items across many locations in Square Dashboard
Limit employee access to specific locations
Add a new location in minutes from the Square Dashboard
Manage access to specific devices and locations from Square Dashboard
Extra Square Readers for staff to take payments
Employee PIN access (iPad only)
Items & Inventory
Custom item library
Price variations by item
Bulk item import
Emailed item count reports
Synced item counts for Square Register and Online Store
Item modifiers
Item search
Items grid and categories
Sales Activity
View recent transaction activity
View all transaction activity
View transaction details
Daily summary view, print, email
Drawer shift report
Previous daily summary view, print, email
Paid in/Paid out
Cash drawer view, print, email
Previous daily summary view, print, email
Drawer history
Printer (WiFi)
USB barcode scanner (iPad + Android)
Print order stubs
Bluetooth printer (iPhone + iPad)
Kitchen ticket printer (ethernet)
Orders/tickets with custom name
Receipt Printer (USB with Square Stand)
Print Receipts
Orders/tickets chronological numbers
Bluetooth barcode scanner (iPad only)
Print orders
Analytics & Reports
View next deposit and deposit history
View total number of customers
Download complete transaction history
View top items by sales
View customer average spend
Download item summary CSV
View top categories by sales
View average customer visit
Download transaction report CSV
Download item detail report CSV
View payments by tender type
View new versus returning customers
Download staff sales summary CSV
Manage your Business
Inventory management
Send invoices
Customize loyalty programs
Issue full or partial refunds
Manage online orders
Bulk item import
Create employee logins
Review employee activity
Set up public profile
Link bank account
Request Square stickers
Manage online store
Create and edit discounts
Request additional Square Readers for employees

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Free protection from payment disputes.

Chargeback Protection is free for all Square sellers and covers payment disputes that are $250 or less, up to a total of $250 a month.

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