Square Now Integrates with WooCommerce to Help You Streamline Your Omnichannel Business

We’re excited to announce that Square now integrates with WooCommerce, the eCommerce platform that powers more than thirty seven percent of online stores. This integration gives sellers of all sizes the power to seamlessly run both their online and offline operations and become a truly omnichannel business, a strategy that’s [near essential to compete in today’s retail landscape.

Here’s what you can do:

Use Square to accept payments online

To easily track your in-store and online payments in one, centralized place, now you can use Square to accept and process payments on your WooCommerce online store. The Square plugin accepts all major credit cards.

Streamline your product library management

If you already sell online with WooCommerce, you’ll be able to sync your product library into your Square POS at your brick and mortar. This will significantly cut down on the time it would otherwise take you to separately input items (no one likes data entry). And each time you add a new product to the system, that’ll sync too.

Sync online and offline inventory

Being out of stock of something is a drag—and a lost sale. But staying on top of your inventory levels across your online store and your brick and mortar can be challenging and time consuming for lots of business owners. Our integration with WooCommerce will automatically take care of inventory syncs for you. If you sell something in-store, your online store will adjust its inventory level accordingly.

See all your sales

Your online and offline stores shouldn’t exist in separate worlds. By syncing your Square account to WooCommerce, your in-store and online sales will appear in one place on your Square Dashboard, so you can keep track of how all of your channels are performing holistically.

Already, Square for WooCommerce is helping businesses like apparel brand Clothed4APurpose streamline their offline and online businesses. “Installing the plugin was super easy and customers could check out with Square in just minutes,” says owner Brittany Russell. “I love that my point of sale transactions and e-commerce transactions are finally all together and synchronized.”

Square for WooCommerce gives you all the time to start, run, and grow a successful omnichannel business. Purchase the extension now to get started.