How Do You Offer Competitive Shipping Without Sacrificing Your Margins? [Infographic]

The cost of shipping goods can be a drain on your bottom line. Many businesses manage this by offputting shipping costs onto the customer. Unfortunately, consumers are increasingly coming to expect options and offers when it comes to shipping (like free or expedited shipping).

If you don’t offer these things, it’s likely a competitor will. Eighty percent of of U.S. shoppers cite shipping cost and speed of delivery as a key factor in whether they choose to buy a product or not from an online retailer.

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As a small business, figuring out your shipping strategy can be tricky. Luckily our friends at Bigcommerce (online-store software that you can connect to Square in our App Marketplace) put together this handy graphic to help you figure out how to approach shipping to attract customers without sacrificing your margins.