The Top Multihyphenate Salons and Spas That Are Also Bars and Cafes

Salons and spas are bringing out all the stops, from doubling as cafes with temporary childcare to branching out into full-on cosmetics lines. Here are a few salons and spas paving the way for an entirely new business model.
by Maya Rollings Jun 06, 2024 — 4 min read
The Top Multihyphenate Salons and Spas That Are Also Bars and Cafes

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The Essential List of Multihyphenate Businesses

The Essential List of Multihyphenate Businesses

A salon that doubles as a cafe. A restaurant with a successful merch line. Multihyphenate businesses need multiple hyphens to describe all the value they bring to customers’ lives. This series celebrates these wildly creative businesses.

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Salons and spas are meant to provide the perfect relaxing experience. They help you prioritize self-care and should leave you feeling better than when you arrived. Today many businesses take the salon and spa experience to the next level by tending to the entire person and by thinking beyond retail.

The reality of today’s customer is simple: they crave one-stop shops. The 2024 Square Future of Multihyphenate Businesses report found that 80% of customers are interested in trying a new type of offering from a business known for something else. 

The good news is that these multihyphenate businesses are already meeting this interest. Salons and spas are bringing out all the stops, from doubling as cafes with temporary childcare to branching out into full-on cosmetics lines. Here are a few salons and spas paving the way for an entirely new business model. 


The Lullabar

Location Carlsbad, CA Offerings Coffee shop, nail salon, temporary childcare, events, classes Connect Website , Instagram Products used

The Lullabar is a one-of-a-kind business in San Diego, California that features a cafe, nail salon, and a kid’s play space. A wide range of classes and events like “How to Make Sourdough Bread at Home” and “Mompreneur After Hours Event: Mixer and Speed Networking” are also part of this business’ specialty. “The Lullabar aims to redefine what a family-friendly [space] is about, with a primary focus on providing parents the ability to co-exist with their small children in a public setting in an adult environment,” said Stephanie Issa, co-CEO and co-founder of The Lullabar.

With multiple services that cater to both the parent and the child — like coworking memberships with temporary childcare, the Lullabar has been able to maximize its physical space, its reach with customers, and the possibilities of what a salon business can look like. “We literally have all walks of life come into The Lullabar, for a variety of reasons. The major requirement is that you are not bothered by a small child having the occasional tantrum, because they are our customers too and deserve to be there!” Issa added. 


Oakwell Beer Spa

Location Denver, CO Offerings Day spa, taproom, events Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Oakwell Beer Spa is an award-winning day spa that also features a taproom, tastings, and other events. The combination of beer and relaxation is key for this business. As a self-proclaimed “calming oasis for relaxation enthusiasts,” Oakwell Beer Spa aims to provide a true wellness experience through a range of services. With offerings such as an infrared sauna, beer bath hydrotherapy, or a zero gravity massage, this multihyphenate business is designed to leave you more relaxed and at ease than how you entered. 

The beer spa also inspired its beer-infused cosmetics company called Oakwell Cosmetics. “Not everyone lives within driving distance from one of our spas. We book out very far in advance, so we have a lot of guests that come just once a year for a birthday or anniversary, but can't really make it more frequently than that,” explained co-founder Damien Zouaoui in reference to its Denver, CO location. “Through Oakwell Cosmetics we’re really reaching a much wider audience,” he added. 


Lili and Cata Nail Saloon

Location Brooklyn, NY Offerings Nail salon, cafe, wine bar Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Lili and Cata Nail Saloon is a nail salon, cafe, and wine bar located in Brooklyn, New York. Describing itself as a “small business with a big heart,” Lili and Cata differentiates itself by leaning into the power of the customer experience. “We decided to do a hybrid of a nail salon and wine bar, hence the name ‘nail saloon,’ because we wanted to create a space where you can come and have a fully relaxing experience,” said owner Jorge Rojas. “We then added the cafe component to it because we found people wanted a good latte while getting their nails done.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this multihyphenate salon is its waterless services, which benefit customers and the environment. “Typical nail treatments that entail soaking your hands and feet in water has [been] demonstrated to significantly increase your chances of contracting foreign infections,” explained Rojas. By removing water from their services, they manage to provide a better experience for customers and save an average of 15 gallons of water per service, according to Rojas. Customer service and sustainability are paramount for Lili and Cata Nail Saloon, making it an ideal place for New Yorkers to indulge in guilt-free self-care.


Squirrel Chops

Location Seattle, WA Offerings Hair salon, cafe Connect Website , Instagram Products used

Squirrel Chops is a queer-owned cafe and hair salon in Seattle, Washington. This beloved business started so the two co-owners could work together. “The reason we have chosen to combine a cafe and salon was due to our skill sets. I had a background in coffee, and my wife has been a stylist in Seattle for over 20 years,” said co-owner Shirley Henderson.

Offering cuts and coffee alongside food and wine is what drives this business, but underneath is a deeper connection to the community. Squirrel Chops is involved in many movements for economic and social justice, which could be why regulars consider this multihyphenate business to be a safe space. “It has been really heartwarming to be embraced by a large and loyal base of regulars who call us their third place, and the buzz and bustle of the salon next to the cafe gives it a real sense of a community hub,” said Henderson.

In fact, they even have a name for their loyal and regular customers — choppies. The choppies often have happy hour on the Squirrel Chops patio when the weather permits, which is more proof that this Seattle-based multihyphenate forges community wherever and however they can. 

These multihyphenate salons and spas show a few ways that beauty businesses provide customers with memorable experiences by cementing themselves as a new type of entity, offering services, cafes, childcare, shopping, and more. Aside from bars and cafes, customers are also interested in-person classes (21%) and DIY boxes (19%) from beauty businesses, according to our research. For more insights into how to expand your beauty business and deepen your understanding of customer preferences, read the 2024 Square Future of Multihyphenate report

Maya Rollings
Maya Rollings is an editor at Square where she writes about all things customer experience, from building a solid customer base to leveraging tools and technology that meets them where they are in their journey.

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