8 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

8 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas
Is your business ready for Mother's Day? Here are few tips to help your business celebrate moms.
by Square Apr 24, 2024 — 5 min read
8 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Mother’s Day is a precious and widely celebrated time of year. In fact, Mother’s Day is one of the top five most popular holidays in the U.S. This means it’s time to do some marketing. But as competitors gear up for the holiday, it’s important to be different and creative with your efforts. Using your website, email and SMS marketing, social media channels, and more, here are eight ways you can position your business for the holiday.

Bring on the complimentary gifts.

Show customers how much they and their moms mean to your business. Complimentary items such as roses at brunch or a latte on the house can help draw customers to your restaurant or cafe. These types of offerings can also be beneficial for salons. Complimentary champagne or mocktails during hair and nail appointments can help make your shop all the more appealing. 

Research shows that 61% of customers prefer surprise gifts and offers as an engagement strategy. With this in mind, be sure to advertise these types of offerings in your email and SMS marketing to encourage customers to visit your business. 

Offer a promotion.

People want to give their mom something special, but they’re also looking for a good deal. If you’re a spa or a salon, consider offering a discount for people who book services for their moms as a gift. If you’re a florist, consider offering 25% off Mother’s Day bouquets.

Promotions can encourage customers to visit your business and spend more potentially. Since promotions can enhance perceived value and make customers feel as though they’re getting more for their money, be strategic with how you set them and show customers how much they’re saving. 

Introduce new offerings.

Introduce customers (and their moms) to something new. The 2024 Square Future of Multihyphenate Businesses report found that 40% of customers are very interested in trying a new type of offering from a business known for something else. New offerings such as merchandise, classes, and DIY kits are popular options with customers and can go a long way with customers.

Imagine a customer’s mother calls your business a local favorite, but you’re all booked up for the weekend. A DIY kit can help ensure they still engage with your business in some way. 

From DIY beauty kits to DIY meal kits, there’s room for businesses in multiple industries to take advantage of diversified revenue streams to expand and prioritize customers.

Host a free contest or giveaway.

Free giveaways and contests are easy ways to stir up customer interest around Mother’s Day, and there are tons of unique ways to bring them to life, regardless of your industry. People are actively searching for giveaways at any given time. According to research, over 100,000 people search for giveaways each month on Google. Social media, especially Instagram, tends to be one of the most popular places to host them. Instagram giveaways have had the most Google searches of all popular social media platforms. 

Using each of your marketing channels strategically can help promote your Mother’s Day giveaway effectively. From your website to your email and SMS marketing to your social media channels, be sure to let customers know how to enter, the deadline, the contents of the giveaway, and when the winner(s) will be announced so they can know what to expect. As the entry window closes, be sure to indicate that in your marketing to encourage customers not to miss out. 

Put together an event.

It’s Mother’s Day. So, of course, anywhere a mother is present will be the main event. But go above and beyond to make that place your business. For salons, this could look like a special makeover event. For restaurants, this could be a chef-curated dining event. Other businesses, such as clothing stores, could host a dress-to-impress event to help mothers try on and pick out a perfect outfit. Whatever your industry may be, there’s room to show up in a unique way and bring in new and returning customers.

The 2024 Square Future of Customers report found that 20% of customers report that participating in store events would encourage them to come in stores. Bringing customers in-store can drum up revenue for your business, and it can create renewed engagement with your business. By creating positive memories for and/or with their moms, customers may create an emotional connection with your business that can lead to loyalty and brand advocacy.

Give back.

Motherhood can be a beautiful journey, but there may be mothers right in your community who are struggling. Donating time and resources to causes that support them can be a great way to show commitment to your community and values. Whether you partner with nonprofits for an event or decide to donate a portion of your proceeds, this can have a tangible impact on how customers respond to your brand. According to YouGov, 45% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that gives a cut to charity. Do your research and determine the best route for your business and the nonprofit(s) you’d like to support. Once you’ve identified a plan, be sure to share with customers so they can understand how to support your business.

Create the ultimate gift guide.

Gift guides are a special way to showcase everything your business has specially crafted for mothers. From matching jewelry sets to specialty candles, gift guides can direct customer traffic to specific items and simplify the shopping process for customers who may be in a time crunch. 

To make the most out of your gift guides, be sure to identify your target audience. For instance, a gift guide for new mothers would look different than a gift guide for seasoned moms. If your business has gifts that could benefit different types of moms, be sure to segment the gifts to make the items more searchable. Consider dividing items by price range to further simplify the search. 

If your gift guide will live exclusively online, make sure all of your products are well-stocked and have the correct links. Incorporating SEO best practices can surface your business with new customers. Statista listed gift guides as one of the top three ways customers source gift ideas. Make it easy for your target audience to find your shop by marketing your gift guide on all your channels.

Don’t forget the gift card.

When all else fails, the gift card doesn’t. According to the National Retail Federation, spending for Mother’s Day has steadily increased since 2015. Last year alone spending reached an estimated $35.7 billion, and 54% of customers planned to buy gift cards. Marketing your in-store and digital gift cards for Mother’s Day can help your business stand out and ultimately be a top choice for customers. Square Gift Cards has unique designs that you can leverage so you can tailor your gift cards to your brand. As the clock winds down to the big day, consider increasing your marketing efforts around gift cards to help reach those last-minute shoppers.

Regardless of how you go about your Mother’s Day marketing, keep in mind that this time of year is a precious holiday for some and a difficult time for those who may be grieving. Consider creating a dedicated email send to customers to ask whether they’d like to opt out of Mother’s Day emails. Tools like Square Marketing make it easy for you to create customer lists so you can customize your sends while prioritizing customer needs and sensitivities.

The Bottom Line is brought to you by a global team of collaborators who believe that anyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy.


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