Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Management eBook

Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Management eBook
Learn about the six critical phases of supply chain and inventory management from planning to reverse logistics — and everything in between. 
by Alena Courtney Feb 20, 2024 — 1 min read
Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Management eBook
This eBook is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal, financial, or tax advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

It’s a competitive retail landscape, and supply chain optimization and careful inventory management are critical for success. This eBook shows you how to streamline your supply chain operations. In six key stages, you’ll learn how to meet customer demand, uncover cost saving efficiencies, and react quickly to supply chain disruptions.

      1. Supply Chain Management: 4 Steps to Successful Planning: Planning your supply chain is the first step to seamlessly managing your inventory and product life cycle in order to balance quality, product availability, customer loyalty, and healthy margins.
      2. Building an Agile Supply Chain With Strategic Sourcing: Creating an agile supply chain starts with your sourcing practices and supplier relationship management. Stronger relationships with vendors can lead to better prices, better planning, and less risk.
      3. Using the Procurement Process as a Competitive Advantage: By leveraging the procurement process as a competitive advantage, businesses can save time, money, and resources.
      4. Streamlining the Make Phase of Your Supply Chain: From master production schedules to quality management systems and ISO certification, here’s how to optimize the make phase of your supply chain.
      5. Mastering the Delivery Phase of Your Supply Chain: The delivery phase of the supply chain is critical for retailers to nail. Here’s how to exceed customer expectations while keeping delivery costs down.
      6. Maximizing Profits: The Key to Effective Reverse Logistics: Reverse logistics can have a profound impact on revenue by improving customer satisfaction, extracting as much value as possible from returned items, and protecting profit margins.

Master Your Supply Chain

Alena Courtney
Alena Courtney is an Editor at Square covering all things Retail — She writes about retail trends, retail business models, inventory and supply chain management, ecommerce and in-person growth.


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