How to Improve Inventory Behind the Bar

How to Improve Inventory Behind the Bar
Managing bar inventory is an important concept to master when you first open a bar. Learn about the benefits and ways to improve your inventory management.
by Square Jun 19, 2017 — 3 min read
How to Improve Inventory Behind the Bar

A weekly glance in your back room to determine stock levels might seem sufficient, but the reality of bar inventory is so much more complex.

Inventory management is paramount, and it’s important to implement best practices that optimize your business operations – especially at a bar.

What is bar inventory?

The inventory behind your bar includes the complete list of liquor and other stocked products you use to serve your customers. This would include any juices, sodas, or other garnishes that are served in the drinks listed on your menu.

Why is bar inventory important?

Inventory is the lifeblood of your bar and poor management can be a killer. With too little inventory, your bar misses out on sales and tarnishes its reputation. On the other end, too much inventory is a major cost for your bar and creates the need for additional storage space. Excess inventory also increases the risk of waste.

How can you manage inventory at your bar?

Inventory management can be done manually, but that can bog down other operations. Late nights in the back carefully counting stock can be tedious and take away time from other planning processes that aid the growth of your bar. So how can you control your bar inventory and successfully manage your bar?

Inventory management software automates the process and frees up your very valuable time. Look for software that integrates with your bar point of sale as that creates a more cohesive flow in your daily operations. With a unified system, the software can automatically track inventory when a bartender rings up a drink and you can see stock levels in real time.

Benefits of a successful inventory management system

Here are five things an effective inventory management system can do when you first open a bar.

An inventory management system can demystify your business. It not only helps you track stock but also can reveal customer buying trends and make it easier to forecast growth. Aside from using a system that works at your bar, here are seven additional ways to improve your bar inventory.

7 ways to improve your inventory management process

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