How Square Secure Protects Your Business

How Square Secure Protects Your Business
Square Secure provides support in combating some of the most worrisome issues facing business owners: chargebacks, fraud, and data security.
by Square Jan 26, 2017 — 2 min read
How Square Secure Protects Your Business

It’s hard work to run a business. Between customers, inventory, employees, and payroll, you already have a lot on your plate. Then you have the security of your payments to worry about. Is your data safe? Are you processing fraudulent payments? That’s where Square Secure comes in.

At Square, we help you protect your business so you can focus on your next sale. That’s why Square Secure is included with every Square account and provides the support your business needs to thrive.

Here’s how the program protects your business:

Payment disputes

With any credit card transaction, there’s a chance a customer will dispute a purchase. Not an expert in the credit card dispute process? Don’t worry, we have your back. Square Secure services include:

Fraud and account takeover protection

Our team of fraud prevention experts has an eye on your account 24/7. We take a holistic look at the entire Square ecosystem to analyze a wide variety of signals and identify fraud trends.

Advanced security

Square protects your data like our business depends on it––because it does. As industry leaders in security and the merchant of record for every transaction, we’re committed to keeping your business safe.

Knowledge and tools

As we see it, your business’s success is Square’s success. We’ve created a set of resources and new tools to keep you organized and prepared.

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