How Gen Z Entrepreneurs are Doing Things Differently

How Gen Z Entrepreneurs are Doing Things Differently
When it comes to entrepreneurship, Gen Z is interested. In a recent survey, over half of Gen Z respondents expressed their hopes of someday owning a business.
Mar 20, 2023 — 3 min read
How Gen Z Entrepreneurs are Doing Things Differently

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Gen Z is interested. In a recent survey, over half of Gen Z respondents expressed their hopes of someday owning a business. And more and more of them are making good on this desire. In 2021, over five million new business applications were filed. Many of these new businesses are being led by Gen Z entrepreneurs. 

But just because young people are becoming business owners doesn’t mean they’re running things the same old way. Gen Z views work differently and that doesn’t change when they’re in charge. To understand the shifting business landscape, it’s worth focusing on some of the ways these young entrepreneurs are doing things differently.

Different relationships to work

Gen Z doesn’t view work in the same way that previous generations did. This extends beyond just the behaviors of workers. Even Gen Z entrepreneurs are rejecting the traditional view of the work week:


What does this mean? The traditional five days a week, 9–5 workday is transforming. From the C-suite to individual contributors, scheduling flexibility is the future. Offering this flexibility is key to attracting the best talent.

But Gen Z doesn’t just view the when of work differently, they also have a different relationship to the why of work. Looking at the most popular businesses being started by Gen Z entrepreneurs makes it clear that they are driven by their passions. Four of the most popular industries for Gen Z include:


This shows that work is more than just a pursuit of money for these entrepreneurs. They care. And through social media and similar customer integrations, they are finding ways to communicate these passions to their customers. 

Different relationships with customers

To Gen Z, authenticity matters. When it comes to entrepreneurship, this means creating meaningful connections with customers. By showing customers that you see them as more than just dollar signs, you start to create brand loyalty.

Of course, in modern society, creating meaningful customer relationships isn’t necessarily a face-to-face proposition. Gen Z entrepreneurs know they need new ways to communicate their values to their customers and they embrace technological tools to help them achieve that in multiple ways:

Different relationships with employees

Businesses can’t survive without loyal customers. But for a business to grow and thrive, they also need loyal, engaged employees. For Gen Z entrepreneurs, this means creating a work environment that is attractive to the next generation of workers.

So what do Gen Z workers value? At the top of the list is undoubtedly a healthier work-life balance. Some things employers can implement to help with this balance include:


But this is just a start. To attract and keep the best employees, Gen Z entrepreneurs realize that creating an environment that empowers workers is vital. When surveyed, Gen Z workers made it clear how that can be accomplished:

Again, authenticity matters. Gen Z – whether as customers, workers, or entrepreneurs – want to be defined by who they are not just what they do

Creating the workspaces of the future

Work is changing. This is true for both employers and employees. To create the best possible businesses, Gen Z entrepreneurs are reimagining work. They are creating workspaces that value people over pure commoditization.

To do this, they need help. By embracing the best possible tools, such as the connected ecosystem of Square solutions, these new business owners can better execute their visions and set up their companies for success both now and in the future.


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