Build a strong and happy team.

Square Payroll makes it easy to manage your team and pay them faster. Offer affordable health benefits and 401(k) plans and get HR resources to stay ahead of compliance.

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Benefits, HR, and payroll — together

We partner with benefits providers to help you offer health benefits and 401(k) plans to your team.

Choose what you want.

Customize your benefits package to fit your business and budget. Only pick and pay for the benefits you need.

Get our help.

We take care of everything from employee enrollment to calculating deductions and contributions for each pay run. We work with your team to manage their benefits so you can focus on your business.

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Everything is integrated.

Benefits are simple to set up and sync automatically with Square Payroll.


Health insurance

Choose medical, dental, and vision plans with no-hassle enrollment for you and your team.


401(k) plans

Support your team’s futures with retirement plans that feature affordable, transparent pricing.



Get help with HR.

Square Payroll has partnered with Mineral® to help you stay ahead of compliance and build a strong team with HR resources, including:

  • Email alerts when employment laws change
  • Library on key HR topics
  • HR document templates
  • Employee handbook builder

You can also add the full HR Experts subscription to Square Payroll to get advice, tailored to your business, from certified HR professionals.

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Pay your team faster.

Instant Deposit provides eligible team members with:

  • Access to their pay in Cash App two calendar days before the original pay date, for free
  • Access to their funds early in a traditional bank account, with a fee of 1.75% of their net pay

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