Are You Ready for Tax Day? A Checklist

Are You Ready for Tax Day? A Checklist
April 15, the dreaded Tax Day, looms on the horizon. Are you ready?
by Square Mar 24, 2015 — 3 min read
Are You Ready for Tax Day? A Checklist

April 15, the dreaded Tax Day, looms on the horizon. Are you ready?

As a small-business owner, one of the biggest hassles of tax time is just gathering all the stuff you need to schlep over to your accountant. You have your personal record-keeping and your business record-keeping to wrangle. Not to mention all the tax credits you may be eligible for as a small-business owner (there are a ton).

All of this can be overwhelming. So here is a handy checklist of the things you’ll need to file your small-business tax return this season. (Remember, this post is for educational purposes only and pertains to sole proprietors, single member LLCs, and others who didn’t have a corporate tax deadline on March 15. For tax advice related to your specific business, be sure to consult a reputable accountant).

General business information

Jot this down before meeting with your accountant:



A lot of expenses you incurred throughout the year are tax deductible, so you definitely want to keep track of them. Just make sure that you keep track of all physical and electronic receipts in case the IRS ever has a question about a purchase.

Here are some common business expenses you might have made last year:

Check off this list as you go and you’ll feel more confident as you head into your accountant’s office.

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