Introducing Square Payroll: A Quick and Easy Way to Pay Your Employees

Introducing Square Payroll: A Quick and Easy Way to Pay Your Employees
Time cards, tracking, and easy set-up. Learn how to use Square's Payroll system.
by Square Jun 30, 2015 — 2 min read
Introducing Square Payroll: A Quick and Easy Way to Pay Your Employees

If you’re getting paid, payday is great. But if you’re the one who’s actually managing the payroll, the whole thing is way less fun. Existing payroll solutions are complicated, expensive, and typically built for large businesses with salaried employees. They’re so confusing, in fact, that people regularly mess up the whole process. Scary stat: There are more payroll fines in the U.S. every year than there are businesses with employees.

Today, we’re making it a whole lot easier for small businesses (especially ones with hourly employees) to do their payroll. Our new Square Payroll product is now available for California sellers and we’ll be looking to expand to more states soon.

Here are a few of the unique features you get with Square Payroll:

This all nets out to a lot of saved time. 3 Steves Winery owner and partner Steve Ziganti used to spend nearly an hour every time he had to do the payroll at his Livermore, California business. With Square’s easy onboarding and integrated system, it now takes him five minutes to pay his 25 hourly employees.

As Steve explains, “At first, I spoke to my accountant about doing our payroll. But when I told him what Square offered and charged, he said, ‘Heck, I’d use that.’ My own accountant told me to choose Square over him.”

At Square, we’re committed to building financial services that level the playing field for independent businesses like yours. We first transformed the way your customers pay you – today we’re transforming the way you pay your employees. Learn more about Square Payroll.

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