Square Payroll Is Now Available to More than 65% of U.S. Businesses

Square Payroll

Today we’re introducing Square Payroll to sellers in Indiana, Utah, and Washington. With this expansion, more than 65 percent of the U.S. employer market now has access to Square Payroll.

Traditional payroll solutions are not built with a small business’s needs in mind — in fact, more than half of sellers currently using Square Payroll did not have a previous payroll provider.

We’re making it easier to manage payroll and pay out employees with integrated timecards. We also help businesses stay compliant because we handle all their tax calculations and filings.

Since first offering Square Payroll to California businesses in 2015, we’ve now expanded to 22 states. Our sellers across the country are now paying out more than $100 million a year in payroll for their employees.

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Jorswar Montalvo opened La Masa, serving Colombian dishes in the Bronx, two years ago after more than a decade in the restaurant industry. He has his hands full serving more than 25 flavors of empanadas, from traditional Colombian empanadas to mac and cheese with bacon or dulce de leche and Cheese, and everything in between.

“I jumped on Square Payroll when I was given early access in New York,” he said. “I’ve been using Square at my restaurant since day one, so I knew it would be easy to use for me and my employees, and I love that I can run any part of my business in one place.”

What states is Square Payroll in?

map of square payroll states

How much does Square Payroll cost?

Square Payroll is open to all businesses, not just those processing credit cards with Square, and pricing is simple: $25 a month, plus $5 per employee paid that month.

We’re bringing financial services to more independent business owners across the country, like Jorswar, ensuring they have access to the tools they need to run and grow their business.

Square Payroll is now available to businesses in 22 states across the U.S. (including the five largest by population) — and we’re working to add more soon. Click here to learn more.

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Square Payroll imports your employees’ timecards, calculates overtime, and handles taxes so you can pay your team faster.

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