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Square’s payment APIs offer a simple, elegant solution for developers who want to integrate fully functional payment processing into their websites or in-person POS apps. Our payment APIs are ideal for merchants who do business online as well as in person. When you use our payment processing APIs, everything is integrated so it’s easier for the back office to take care of bookkeeping.

Square has rock-solid security and our payment APIs are PCI compliant. Sellers get paid fast with our ACH payment APIs — your money is in your business’s account in just one to two business days. ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a type of electronic bank transfer, so sellers receive funds quickly and securely, with no fuss. It’s no wonder millions of companies around the world trust Square to help run their business.

What payment APIs does Square currently offer?
Square has three different payment APIs for developers:

E-commerce API is our online payments API. If you’re building a website that needs to accept payments for goods or services, this online payments API will work for you.

Point-of-sale API is a POS API that lets you take payments in person in a store or on the go, and it integrates with Square hardware. The point-of-sale API runs on iOS and Android devices. Square’s point-of-sale API triggers an app switch that takes the seller from your custom app to Square Point of Sale to complete the transaction.

Other APIs is a third payment API. Rather than being used to take payments directly, it’s a useful tool for managing customer data and online stores, as well as tracking inventory.

Square’s payments APIs offer:

How much do payments with Square APIs cost?

Square’s payment APIs are free to integrate into your software. For online sales, the only cost is 2.9% + 30¢ per payment transaction. Sales made with Square’s POS app are charged at our standard fees: 2.75% per swipe, chip card dip, or NFC payment. Manually entered transactions are charged at 3.5% + 15¢. For all Square APIs, there are no monthly fees, long-term contracts, or commitments.

Square’s payment APIs are PCI compliant.

When you use Square payment APIs you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance because we’ve got you covered. Customers’ credit card information never touches your website or app, so you don’t need to deal with PCI checklists to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council’s strict security requirements. Using Square’s payment processing APIs, we transmit customers’ payment data safely and securely from the start of the transaction to the end. Because Square is PCI compliant, you can use our payment APIs with confidence.

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Which of Square’s payment APIs is right for me?

API Best for:
E-Commerce API Online payments and custom e-commerce stores, payment processing, and customer management
Point-of-sale API In-person payments, custom point-of-sale (POS) applications
Other APIs Managing customer data, managing online stores, and tracking inventory

What currency are sales processed in?

In the United States, all transactions in our online payment APIs and in-person payment APIs are processed in U.S. dollars. Our payment APIs are also available in Canada, where payments are processed in Canadian dollars.

If I process payments with one of Square APIs, when are funds deposited into my account?

Our ACH payment APIs ensure you get your money fast. Get your payments in your bank account by wire transfer in just one to two business days. If you need access to your money immediately, select Instant Deposit to send your money to your account in about a minute. It even works on weekends so you always have access to your funds when you need them.

Will I still need a payment gateway API or traditional merchant account with Square APIs?

No. When you use Square’s payment processing APIs, you don’t need a payment gateway API or merchant account. All you need is a U.S. checking account (or Canadian account if you’re in Canada) and a Square account. You can sign up for a free Square account in a couple of minutes and get started fast.

Case study: How Growl Movement used Square APIs to sell more beer.

Growl Movement is Oregon’s first standalone growler fill station. The shop’s two locations offer an impressive selection of rotating craft beers, hard ciders, and kombuchas that customers can enjoy onsite or take home in reusable growlers.

Using Square APIs, Growl Movement created an app that syncs with Square Point of Sale to show which kegs are getting low, so staff doesn’t have to manually check each one. The app then automatically removes kegs from the menu when they’re almost out. As an inventory management tool, the app is a huge time-saver. It’s also a great marketing tool that helps build customer loyalty. Customers can mark specific brews as favorites and the app sends them a push notification as soon as those kegs are tapped, which keeps folks coming back into the store.

Square's Payment API being used to measure leftover beers in kegs

What are you creating with Square APIs? Let us know on Twitter (tag @Square) and we could feature you on this blog.

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