7 Types of Apps Essential for Your Business

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You’re busy. All business owners are. That means you don’t have time to manually reconcile your books or update inventory across locations, among other things. You need all the software you use to work together without using you as a middle man.

Fortunately, our Square App Marketplace has a ton of apps from our amazing partners that you can connect to your Square account. From accounting software to e-commerce solutions, these apps save you time and can help you make smarter decisions about your business.

Here are the seven types of business apps you can link to your Square account.

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No one wants to spend hours manually reconciling the books. You can save tons of time (and increase your accuracy) by automatically importing Square sales, taxes, tips, and fees into your accounting software. Square links seamlessly with software like Intuit QuickBooks Online. And when it comes to taxes, you can save time by linking to an app like TaxJar, which creates automated, localized reports for quick and easy filing.

Accounting and tax apps:
- Intuit QuickBooks Online
- Xero
- TaxJar
- Commerce Sync
- Shogo
- Kashoo Accounting
- OneUp
- Zoho Books
- Unify for NetSuite
- Unify for QuickBooks


Maybe you already have an online store, or maybe you want to launch an online store for the first time. Either way, it makes your life much easier if you use the same payments provider online as you do in person. (Again, it means you save time by not having to manually reconcile the books.) Apps such as Weebly and BigCommerce provide a variety of design templates, order fulfillment options, and CRM tools. And by using Square to process your online payments, you can view all payments and inventory in one place.

E-commerce apps:
- Weebly
- BigCommerce
- WooCommerce
- Ecwid
- Wix Stores
- Square for Magento


Knowing exactly what you have in stock and what you need helps you make better decisions about what to purchase and when. An inventory app can provide that information by managing your inventory across all your sales channels (whether that’s several brick-and-mortar locations or a store and an online shop). An app like Shopventory integrates with Square and provides some additional features, like cash flow management, profitability tracking, and reports that show slow-moving inventory.

Inventory apps:
- Shopventory
- Stitch Labs
- Intrakr Inventory
- DEAR Systems
- Shopseen

Point of sale

Your POS is the heart of your business. Even if you aren’t using Square Point of Sale, you can still process payments through Square with one of our third-party point-of-sale integrations. Vend, for example, is a platform built for multilocation retailers that includes POS, inventory, and customer management. TouchBistro is an iPad point of sale for restaurants, bars, cafes, and food trucks that helps bridge the front and back of house.

Point-of-sale apps:
- TouchBistro
- Vend
- SuitePOS

Employee management

Managing employee schedules and payroll can be very time consuming. Employee management software, like Homebase, lets you easily build schedules, track hours, and manage labor costs. By connecting an app like this to your Square account, you can see when your employees are working alongside your sales data, which allows you to make better decisions about when to schedule your workers.

Employee management apps:
- Homebase
- When I Work
- Deputy
- TSheets
- Humanity


Wherever you are — whether you’re in an office or on the road — you still need to get paid. An invoicing app can help you monitor your ongoing work, accounts receivable, and income. An app such as InvoiceASAP is a mobile-invoicing platform that allows you to generate and pay invoices using your iPhone or iPad. It also syncs with accounting platforms like Intuit QuickBooks and Xero.

Invoicing apps:
- Jobber
- InvoiceASAP
- Breezeworks

Learn more about mobile invoicing for your business.

Restaurant management

Restaurants have their own needs when it comes to technology. Restaurant management apps help you with anything from restocking to running the kitchen. Fresh KDS, for example, is a kitchen display system that eliminates the need for paper tickets by providing a touch-to-complete order ticket interface. It also has a dashboard that allows you to analyze prep times so you can optimize for faster turnaround.

Restaurant management apps:
- TouchBistro
- Fresh KDS
- PeachWorks
- Marketman
- SimpleOrder

Square is continuously growing its list of partners. Visit our App Marketplace in your Dashboard often to find new and useful apps for your business.

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