Square Featured Partner

WooCommerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Take Square payments on your WooCommerce store, and sync item and inventory changes for both online and offline sales.

Top Benefits

Sell anything, anywhere

From real products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content, and even your time, you can set up a WooCommerce store to sell worldwide (or by country, as you wish).

Mobile friendly

WooCommerce is designed to ensure your store and products look as good on a desktop computer as they do on your customers’ mobile devices. You can even turn your existing WooCommerce store into a mobile app with no custom coding by using a few third-party tools and services.


WooCommerce scales with you as your business grows. Whether you’re selling one product or thousands, from your first order to your millionth, WooCommerce scales and rides the wave with you.


“The Square and WooCommerce integration gives customers a place to purchase, rather than just having a web presence. It allowed the business to move to a marketplace rather than only featuring the portfolio.”

Suzanna Cameron, Stems Brooklyn