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Troubleshoot Your Square Appointments App

Appointments App Troubleshooting

If you run into any issues with the Square Appointments app, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • To accept payments for appointments, you must be logged in to both the Square Appointments and Square Point of Sale app with the same email and password.

  • You’ll know Square Appointments and Square Point of Sale are synced when your Square Appointments services appear in your Square Point of Sale item library.

  • Update your mobile device and Appointments app.

  • Log out of the app and sign back in.

  • Turn your mobile device off and then back on.

  • Force quit the app.

  • Be sure to enable the permissions requested when you open the Appointments app.

  • If you don’t have any pending offline payments, delete and reinstall the app. See Apple’s support site and Google’s support site for instructions on how to do so.

Remember, if your device is in Offline Mode, don’t delete and reinstall the Appointments app. Pending offline payments will be permanently lost and the funds will not be captured if the app is deleted.