Square Appointments Android App

The Square Appointments app has everything you need to run your business from anywhere. The app lets you view, create and accept appointments. It’s free for individuals. And really affordable for teams. Get 24/7 online booking, automatic appointment reminders, seamless payment processing and no-show protection with Square Appointments for Android.

The calendar’s intuitive design helps you organize your day at a glance – putting client information and point of sale capability at your fingertips. The Square Appointments app is available on Android running the most recent version of Android.

Download and Set Up the Square Appointments App for Android

  1. Tap the Google Play icon. Google Play Store icon

  2. Tap the search icon and search for Square Appointments.

  3. Tap Install next to the Square Appointments app icon and follow the prompts to complete the download.Appointments Android App Icon

  4. Follow the prompts to set up your app.

If you’re a staff member of a Square Appointments account holder, you can log in to the app on your own device with the email and password you use to log in online. If you don’t have access to log in, speak with your manager or the account holder.

Appointments App Overview


To get started, tap the three horizontal lines to bring up your navigation bar > tap Calendar.

To interact with your calendar:

  • Swipe on screen to view a full day or change the date.

  • Tap the calendar icon to view your calendar by month.

Note: Recurring appointments or events cannot be created managed or edited in app.

You’ll receive notifications for any client-booked appointments, appointment requests and reschedule requests. To manage your Square Appointments notifications, visit your online dashboard.


From your app navigation bar, tap Clients to view and edit client information, view their appointment history, or book an appointment. Tap the phone, text message or email icon to contact the client. Staff members will only see their own clients. Tap the + icon to add new clients individually.


To process payments for an appointment, simply click Checkout on the booked appointment to navigate to the point of sale section of the Appointments app. Processing payments through a booked appointment will automatically associate services, staff and client information with the sale.

If you accept walk-in appointments, or need to sell an item on the spot, the Checkout tab allows you to process client sales without a booked appointment.

Online Booking

Take action such as disabling or enabling your online booking site, promote online booking to customers via text and email, and enable client prepayment or No-Show Protection. You can also review your online booking site at any time.


You can create invoices to send to your clients for items or services.


View each transaction processed through your Square account. Search for a receipt number or card to locate a transaction to issue a refund.


The Appointments app offers powerful reporting tools, such as sales and deposit summaries. View your current Square balance – filter by date, device or employee.


If your business sells items in addition to services, you create and manage items directly from the app.


Tap Settings to set up and manage the following:

Appointments Management

  • Business Hours: Set your timezone and manage business hours. Select a day of the week to mark your business Open and Add Additional Hours to customize hours of operation. For example, Tuesday’s business hours could be from 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. to include time for lunch or a shift change.

  • Notifications: Choose your notification preferences. Currently, notifications can only be edited from your online Appointments dashboard.

  • Online Booking Site: View your Online Booking Site and enable client prepayment or No-Show Protection.

Checkout Options

  • Taxes: Create or add taxes to apply to items and services. Note: Taxes will not apply automatically to services.

  • Signature & Receipts: Choose to have your clients sign on a printed receipt or directly on your device screen.

  • Tipping: Allow clients to tip staff members in either percentages or whole dollar amounts.

  • Offline Mode: Accept swiped card payments when your Internet or data are temporarily unavailable.

  • Swipe Chip Cards: Allow your staff to process chip cards with the magnetic strip.

  • Employee Management: Enable Track Time from Point of Sale to allow you staff to log their hours with time cards.

  • Open Tickets: Save a client’s purchase information to allow them to pay at a later date.

  • Customer Management: Collect client information.

  • Email Collection: Clients who sign up for your mailing list will be reflected in the Collected Emails group of your Customer Directory.


  • Card Readers: Pair your contactless and chip card reader or view connected hardware.

  • Printers: View, edit or connect a printer to your device.


  • Business Information: Update your business information, such as address, logo and contact details.

  • Transfers: View transfer schedule and set up Instant Transfer.

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