Which States Have the Most Expensive Manicures?

The holiday party circuit has arrived — and with it, a surge in business for salons. For those seeking last-minute beautification efforts this season, we thought it’d be helpful to give you a sense of salons’ busiest appointment slots, as well as the average price for a mani-pedi across the United States. So we crunched some numbers from thousands of appointments booked through Square Appointments.

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Main takeaway? If you need a haircut, clear your workday schedule around lunchtime. And budget more for a mani-pedi in the Mountain states.

Here are some findings:

The United States of manicures.

  • We found that customers in the Mountain states (AZ, CO, ID, etc.) on average spend the most money on their mani-pedis ($50.73).

  • West Coast customers (CA, OR, WA) spend the least on their mani-pedis ($36.89).

  • Last year we gathered the average U.S. haircut prices— check it out here.

Best times of day to schedule appointments at hair salons:

  • During the week, try to book your hair appointment during lunch time — only 10% of appointments start at noon.

  • During the weekends, try to book your hair appointment after 2 p.m., when only 14% of appointments are booked. This way you won’t have to touch up your blowout before going out on the town.

  • Peak times: During the week, peak time is 3 p.m., whereas on weekends it’s 10 a.m.