10 Beauty Blogs to Keep You in the Know

As a beauty salon, it’s important to make sure you stand out among the competition. By offering your customers quality services, and ensuring your salon stays ahead of trends, you’ll build customer loyalty and increase sales. To discover emerging trends and tips for running your best business, follow these 10 beauty blogs.

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1. Millennium**

The brand’s own tagline is “The Business Side of Beauty.” The blog breaks down everything from strengthening your social media presence to advice on why your employees aren’t listening. It’s organized into sections that cover topics like customer retention, business growth, and marketing.

2. Makeup.com**

L’Oreal’s Makeup.com gives readers tips on which products would work best for them, offers product reviews, and provides some beauty tips. This is a good read for business owners, so you can see what your customers are reading.

3. Business of Fashion**

BoF has a Business of Beauty section on its blog that offers an insider’s look at key beauty news. Want to know about more about Sephora’s highest-selling store? Want a backstage look at the beauty side of Fashion Week? It’s there. Sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of news, trends, and BoF’s analysis of the global beauty industry.

4. Entrepreneur**

The classic magazine offers a specific section for the beauty business. This vertical showcases interviews with CEOs, offers insight into the impact of social media influencers on the beauty world, and more.

5. Beauty Store Business**

This blog focuses on true industry news, such as who the new general manager at Amazon Beauty is and the latest laws on testing beauty products.

6. The Hair Company**

If you’re a hair salon or focused on selling hair products, The Hair Company’s blog is a great example of using SEO and providing tips for customers. Articles range from what wedding hairstyle you should choose to how to maintain healthy hair.

7. Byrdie

Byrdie is geared more toward your customer, but it highlights runway trends, provides celebrity exclusives, and lets customers shop while they read. Even though the blog isn’t business focused, Byrdie is a strong resource to see the trends your customers are following and know which products to buy for your store.

8. Nails Mag**

If you’re in the nail niche of the beauty industry, Nails Mag’s blog curates other blogs and gives you options to explore spring nail art, a heads-up on CND polish events, and more.

9. Drybar**

Dry Bar is known for its famous blowout stores in large cities, but its blog offers insights into hair trends. The brand announces new products on the blog and discusses the trends it sees coming.

10. Confessions of a Hair Stylist**

Looking to learn a new hairstyle quick? Hairstylist Jenny Strebe offers professional advice on her blog, including videos to help you learn her tricks.