Show Dads Some Love with 4 Simple Marketing Ideas

Show Dads Some Love with 4 Simple Marketing Ideas
How to market your business for Father's Day.
by Square Jun 11, 2015 — 2 min read
Show Dads Some Love with 4 Simple Marketing Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner — it falls on June 21 this year (might want to jot that down). Translation number one: Rush out to buy some ties and socks for dad (he could always use some more, right?). Translation number two: It’s time to start marketing your business for the holiday. Some good news on that front: we’ve made it easy for you guys. Our Square Customer Engagement tool has email templates you can use to market Father’s Day events, sales, or announcements. But how should you put them to work? Some ideas we’ve seen work well:

Promote your Father’s Day goods.

We already mentioned those ties and socks. Definitely shout those from the hills, but also think about other stuff people will be wanting to snatch up for Father’s Day — things like cards or tasty items for grilling festivities, for example. If you sell Father’s Day–themed goods, send an email using an email marketing software to tell your customers that you have them in stock. You might even want to create a special Father’s Day section in your shop. Your customers will appreciate that you’ve made it easy for them (plus they’ll get an extra reminder to prep for the holiday).

Put things on sale.

Now’s a great time to offer a Father’s Day promotion. But to make it successful, you need to market it. In-store signage and social media promotions are a great way to do this — but you’ll also want to alert people to your Father’s Day sale via email. Be sure to mention the discount amount in the subject line (50% off ties!) to get people’s attention.

Host an event.

Consider bringing people together with a Father’s Day block party or backyard BBQ. This is a great occasion to get your fellow local businesses together to celebrate the neighborhood dads. Send an email to your customers (the sooner the better, so it’s on their radar) letting them know about the festivities. You should also take to social to spread the word — being sure to @ mention, retweet, or tag other businesses that will be participating to amplify your announcement.

Run a contest or giveaway.

Dads deserve a little treat. So why not host a raffle or contest so they can win something cool? Some ways to promote it: Put a jar on your counter for people to enter their dad’s name, or ask people to share something related to your shop via social media for a chance to win. To promote your contest, send an email to your customers to get them in the game.

Target the right people.

Remember, with Square Customer Engagement, you can target your email marketing messages to the people whom you think would be most interested. The tool automatically segments your lists into loyal, casual, or lapsed customers, so think about who’s most likely to respond to your event, promotion, contest, or announcement.

Learn more about how you can put Square Customer Engagement to work for your business. And to all the dads out there (and especially you dad entrepreneurs), happy Father’s Day.

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