Want to Make More Money? Try These Wedding Side Hustles

Want to Make More Money? Try These Wedding Side Hustles
Here are a few side gigs to start start this wedding season.
by Tiffany Walden Jun 11, 2019 — 2 min read
Want to Make More Money? Try These Wedding Side Hustles

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It’s officially wedding season. That means it’s the season of opportunity for those who are seeking innovative ways to bring in some extra money.

Think about it. There are so many components that make for a successful wedding day: photography, flowers, cakes, food, cocktails, music, vows, and more. Depending on your skillset, any of these areas can become a service that you provide to couples on their special day.

Check out our list of side hustles for this wedding season.


Do you have an eye for capturing tender moments? If so, pull out your camera and start marketing yourself as a wedding photographer. A couple’s search for a wedding photographer usually starts in the engagement phase. They’re in need of someone to take some beautiful shots of them for their wedding announcements, invitations, and more. If you win them over during the engagement photo shoot, they’re likely to hire you for their big wedding day. And, of course, one satisfied customer always leads to more clientele, which leads to more money. Keep in mind, the average wedding photographer makes $2,679 for shooting one day of photos.


Couples want their wedding day to embody their love for each other. One way to make their day feel unique and special to them is through floral arrangements. A wedding floral designer breathes life into a couple’s vision for their nuptials by adding the perfect bouquets, ceremony markers, table arrangements, and other decor to the venue. If you have a natural eye for color palettes and flowers that really capture the essence of love, you should dive into the wedding florist business. Couples usually budget anywhere from $3,000 to $75,000 for their wedding flowers.


One of the most important elements of any wedding day is the food. On average, a sit-down dinner at a wedding reception can start at $70 per person. And with the popularity of food trucks these days, some couples go the extra mile and pay for their favorite food truck to stop by later in the evening to satisfy their open-bar happy guests. If cooking or baking is one of your strong suits, consider jumping into the wedding catering business. Or, if you’re the owner of a food truck, think about marketing your truck to young couples who are looking to add unique flair to their wedding day. Every wedding needs delicious food. You’ll never run out of clientele.


Music is crucial for wedding receptions. Coupled with an open bar and dope aesthetics, the deejay can control every feeling and mood at the reception — whether we’re crying during the wedding party speeches and first dances, or shaking a tail feather into the wee hours of the night. Becoming a deejay can be a bit expensive up front. You have to invest in the proper equipment, like a $300 Serato, a $100 microphone, and a $900 MacBook, for starters. But once you start branding yourself as a wedding deejay, and word of your excellence starts to spread, you’ll stay booked with wedding gigs all season long.

Tiffany Walden
Tiffany Walden is a contributor at Square where she covers everything from the importance of mentorship for minority entrepreneurs to how business owners can use technology to combat challenges within their respective industries.


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