This Is Your Line on Apple Pay [Infographic]

This Is Your Line on Apple Pay [Infographic]
Check out our infographic to see how accepting Apple Pay at your business can affect your business.
by Square Jul 07, 2015 — 1 min read
This Is Your Line on Apple Pay [Infographic]

One of the key advantages of contactless payments like Apple Pay is that they’re superfast. To trigger an Apple Pay payment, all customers have to do is hold their iPhone or Apple Watch up to the payments device (like the Square contactless and chip reader coming soon) and verify their identity via Touch ID (Apple’s fingerprint technology). This all takes just seconds — during which multiple layers of built-in security are at work making sure everything’s locked down and protected against fraud. This means stronger protection for you and your customers.

It also means you can move the line a whole lot quicker (read: sell more). In terms of the speed of the total checkout counter experience, contactless transactions like Apple Pay leave both magnetic-stripe transactions and cash in the dust.

Based on what we’ve seen across a variety of business types, we thought it’d be fun to give you guys a visualization of relatively how much more you can sell on a contactless solution like Apple Pay (if your line’s out the door).

And because it’s summer, we’re using burgers to represent an “item.” Of course this can all vary based on a variety of factors — how much change is given back, how clumsy customers are with their phone, your flipping speed — but by and large this gives you an idea of how fast each payment type is. The bottom line? Your line moves a lot faster on Apple Pay.

Happy (fast) selling.

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