How to Improve Your Checkout Counter and Customer Experience

How to Improve Your Checkout Counter and Customer Experience
Did you know your checkout counter can increase business sales? Here are a few ideas to inspire your checkout experience.
by Mary Hohn Jul 16, 2019 — 3 min read
How to Improve Your Checkout Counter and Customer Experience

When you’re running a brick-and-mortar store, the checkout counter is the land of opportunity. If you approach it strategically, you can boost sales and keep customers coming back. And considering the competition from online stores, it’s essential to optimize every aspect of the in-person retail shopping experience — especially the checkout counter.

Why your checkout counter is critical

While checking out customers might seem like the final phase of the purchasing journey, it can be just the beginning of your relationship with them. Creating a pleasant, engaging experience leaves a lasting impression that makes customers want to return — hopefully with the promise of future sales. And not only that, but with the right retail display, you can generate last-minute sales, which can add up over time.

Optimizing your checkout counter

Thanks to modern POS systems, brick-and-mortar retailers have increased flexibility when setting up their cash wells. Instead of being tethered to a traditional cash register, retailers can configure their checkout experience to meet customers’ need for the utmost convenience.

Efficiency and convenience are clearly of paramount importance in the checkout experience, but there are additional ways to optimize your checkout counter, including:

How to increase sales at your checkout counter

You’ve tackled the experience, now let’s talk about sales:

Convenience is key

By incorporating these checkout counter ideas, you can improve the customer experience, drive in-store sales, and build a loyal customer base. With Square POS, for example, you can pick and choose the hardware you need to process payments and facilitate faster checkout anywhere in the store. You can use hardware like Register or Stand at your checkout counter, but you can also speed up service by arming associates with mobile checkout options, such as Square Reader for iPhone, iPad, and Android, or Square Terminal. Square hardware lets you accept all payment types, including credit cards, cash, checks, and gift cards.

Mary Hohn
Mary Hohn writes for Square, where she covers topics that affect business owners — from starting a business to growing a business — and the tools and technology that help them succeed.


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