The Hottest New Features We Launched in January

We’re constantly releasing tools to help you start, run, and grow your business. In January, we launched a bunch of cool new features. To make sure you’re getting the most out of Square, here’s a roundup of what’s new.

The Square Register app is now called Square Point of Sale

There’s a new name for Square Register to better reflect everything the app can do to help run your business: Square Point of Sale. You can use the app to take payments, track sales, manage customers and employees, and more — everything you need from a complete point of sale. Square Point of Sale will appear the next time you update the app.

Learn more about Square Point of Sale.

Multilocation support available in Square Appointments

Now businesses with more than one location can easily accept and manage their appointments through Square Appointments. Customize staff and hours at each location, and get consolidated reporting for all locations. Your clients can book services online with the staff member of their choice at their preferred location. Automated appointment reminders include the correct location address so clients know which branch to go to.

Access Square Appointments from your computer or on the go with the Square Appointments app for iPhone and iPad.

Learn more about Square Appointments.

Customizable columns for Square Payroll

You can now select which columns you want to show or hide when you run payroll. Easily tailor Payroll to only include the fields relevant for your business, and make your Payroll screen easier to read.

For example, the “Paycheck tips” column lets you pay out tips in your employees’ paychecks. If your business doesn’t have tips, you can hide the column with a single click.

Learn more about Square Payroll.

Comp and Void in Square Point of Sale

Now restaurants and other businesses can track why items are removed from a sale with our new Comp and Void feature.

A comp is a discount that affects inventory. You’d use Comp if a steak is ordered medium rare but comes out medium well, and the kitchen has to cook another steak.

Void is a way to remove an item as though it never existed. For example, a customer orders a steak and then changes their mind, deciding they want the chicken. You can then void the item to let the kitchen know not to cook the order.

In Square Point of Sale, you can create custom reasons why an item is comped or voided. Then you can track those reasons in Dashboard for greater control and insight.

Learn more about Comp and Void Reporting.