How Se7en Bites Uses Technology To Evolve Like a Big Business

Chef/owner Trina Gregory-Propst serves southern food with a modern twist at Orlando-based Se7en Bites. Square has grown with its operations as the business has grown — helping Trina take on everything from payroll to accessing small business loans.
Apr 18, 2024 — 1 min read



Trina Gregory-Propst is the chef/owner of Orlando-based restaurant, Se7en Bites.


Trina Gregory-Propst: I always describe Se7en Bites as Southern Food with a modern twist. My name is Trina Gregory-Propst. I am one of the chef owners of Se7en Bites.

It's kind of made a life of its own starting from doing desserts for other restaurants, which is how our business started and we opened the doors and people came and we spent three years in 987 square feet. It was lines around the corner around the building and we knew that if we didn't grow that we wouldn't have the opportunity to continue to grow our brand. And so it was kind of forced growth, but through the whole entire thing, Square grew with us.

There is no part of my business that I don't use it for. We've used two Square capital loans. We've grown our online presence through Square. We now take orders online. We sell E-gift cards online. It connects directly with our website. The ease with which I do payroll now has saved me hours of time every week, and I've been able to look like a hero to my staff by giving them direct deposit.

I feel like I'm getting the opportunity that large corporations have from another company who's helping me grow mine. My staff loves the Square Stand. It's easy for them to use. It's easy to explain to the customers how to use it. I love the new design. It comes on. It's lit up. I don't have to worry about is anything connecting. I know that it's all working together.

The customers love it. It's clear, it's concise, easy to read, and they trust us to process their credit cards. They know exactly what they're paying for. It's listed right in front of 'em. I think the thing that's the most gratifying about being so loyal to Square, is that they're loyal to us.

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Trina Gregory-Propst credits her restaurant's unexpected success to its high food quality, commitment to customer service, and willingness to embrace new technology that allows her staff to operate at a high level.

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