How to Start a Pet Grooming Business

How to Start a Pet Grooming Business
Keeping our animals healthy and clean goes a long way toward keeping them — and their owners — happy. Learn how to start a pet grooming business with ease.
by Square May 14, 2024 — 7 min read
How to Start a Pet Grooming Business

Keeping our animals healthy and clean goes a long way toward keeping them — and their owners — happy. With a billion pets in the world, pet grooming businesses are lucrative opportunities for pet lovers. In fact, the pet grooming market is expected to reach $9.83 billion by 2030. But with any business, there are aspects to consider and plan for in order to make your business sustainable. 

Aspects such as required licenses and requirements, marketing, accepting payments, and, of course, becoming profitable are all key to starting a business. Here’s what you need to know before you start your pet grooming business.

3 types of pet grooming businesses

Almost all pet grooming businesses can be placed in three main categories:

8 services that a pet grooming business can offer

The next step is to understand the different services you can offer your clients. Here are eight of the most common:

Requirements to start a pet grooming business

If you decide that a pet grooming business is right for you, there are skills you’ll need to master, along with rules, regulations, and requirements that you’ll have to abide by. Here are a few:

Skills and knowledge

Pet groomers need to pair their deep love for animals with a high level of knowledge. You should be able to:

The majority of the above skills can be acquired by completing pet grooming training. Pet grooming training can be obtained by taking online courses, attending dog grooming school, and reading books (and practicing on your own pets or model pets). 

Licenses and registrations

In the U.S., businesses will often require at least one license to legally operate. However, pet grooming businesses may also require other licenses, like an animal care license. Your Secretary of State’s office or state Department of Commerce will help you confirm what kind of license(s) you may need. Your state likely also provides online resources that list the requirements for state licenses. 

To gain any type of business license, you must register your business with the Department of Commerce and decide which type of business structure you’d like to operate under. There are several types of business structures, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, a limited liability companies (LLCs), or corporations. A sole proprietorship states that you alone own the business. A partnership means two or more people own the business and all of its resulting assets and responsibilities. A limited liability company refers to owners as members, ultimately allowing a wide number of owners. A corporation is when a business is incorporated by a group of shareholders with a common goal.

Each business structure comes with its own legal and tax implications that may also impact which business type you choose. Be sure to consult a professional when planning for your business.


Insurance is important for all businesses, including pet groomers. In the event of an accident, injury, or even death, the legal and financial ramifications can be significant. Depending on the type of pet grooming business you decide on, you may need additional types of insurance.

Here are a few forms of insurance that a pet grooming business should consider:

There are other types of insurance that businesses should consider, such as data breach insurance, equipment insurance, and more. When deciding what type of insurance to invest in, always consult a professional.

Essential equipment needed to start a pet grooming business

What equipment will your pet grooming business need? The following core items will help get you started.





Grooming supplies:


Administrative equipement: 


General business equipment:

Operating your pet businesses

When starting your new business venture, you’ll need to invest in a suite of affordable and easy-to-use business tools. Here are a few tools you’ll need to make your business competitive:

Establishing prices

In the U.S., the average range for dog grooming services is $30–$90. This range can increase or decrease depending on a number of variables, including:

The key thing to remember is that your rate should always be based on your costs. You need to cover your costs comfortably in order to ensure there is enough left over for you.

Marketing your business

It’s time to get to work, though you cannot expect that work will just come to you — you will need to go out and get it. Marketing a small business is a subject that deserves its own guide, but the most effective strategies include:

Starting a pet grooming business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. With the right business tools, expert knowledge in the field, and a solid business plan, your business has the chance to be incredibly successful. To learn more about operating a successful pet grooming business, check out how Bubbly Paws grew into a blossoming franchise in just a few years.

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