Go Wireless with Square Reader and Your Pixel 2

Go Wireless with Square Reader and Your Pixel 2
Whether you have a Pixel 2, Moto Z, or HTC U Ultra, you can absolutely sell with Square.
by Square Oct 24, 2017 — 1 min read
Go Wireless with Square Reader and Your Pixel 2

Apple now has three generations of iPhone without a headphone jack. And this week, Google announced that its Pixel 2 is following suit. It joins a few other Android phones that are now wireless, including the Moto Z and HTC U Ultra.

If you’ve upgraded to a phone without a headphone jack — or if you’re thinking about it — you might wonder if you can keep using Square to take credit card payments.

Rest assured, you don’t need to keep an old phone with a headset jack just to keep processing payments. Whether you have a Pixel 2, Moto Z, or HTC U Ultra, you can absolutely sell with Square.

Here’s how to continue taking card payments with Square and your new headphone jack-less phone:

Take contactless and chip card payments.

Square Reader for contactless and chip connects by Bluetooth LE so you don’t have to worry about not having a headset jack or messing around with adapters.

Most customers now carry a card with a chip in it — 84 percent of cards used in Square hardware currently have chips — so you’ll be using it most of the time anyway.

This is good news because chip cards and contactless payments are far more secure than magstripe cards. Contactless payments — also known as NFC (near field communication) payments, like Android Pay — are actually the most secure type of payment, and they’re super-fast to process. Not only that, but most consumers who use NFC say it’s their ideal payment method, according to our recent survey.

Use your phone’s adapter.

To swipe magstripe cards using the Square Reader for magstripe and your new headset jack–free phone, use an adapter. In some cases, your phone might have come with one. If not, you want to look for something that has a headset jack on one end and plugs into the phone’s charging port on the other.

Some sellers have found the connection to be a little unreliable when taking payments with an adapter. So we recommend using Square Reader for contactless and chip whenever possible.

Take payments with an iPad or tablet.

Alternatively, when you need to swipe cards using an iPad or tablet device, Square Reader for magstripe is your easiest option. These devices still have a headset jack, making them a convenient way to take magstripe card payments.

However you choose to sell, Square’s got you covered.

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