Speed Up the Payments Process With Mobile Invoices

Speed Up the Payments Process With Mobile Invoices
Use Square Invoices to get paid faster.
by Square Dec 04, 2014 — 1 min read
Speed Up the Payments Process With Mobile Invoices

Invoicing can be the worst, especially when you have to hound your clients to pay. Our new mobile invoices feature — designed to make invoicing quick and easy for both you and your customers — will help reduce that headache.

Along with mobile invoices, we have some tips and tricks that’ll help you get paid faster:

The day matters

Obviously, it’s best to send invoices as soon as you can. But Square data tells us that people tend to pay invoices faster when they’re sent on certain days. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday have the quickest turnaround, while Friday has the slowest.


Procrastination can be the name of the game when you have a task you’re not thrilled about (i.e., invoicing). So it’s best to fit invoices into your daily workflow so they don’t pile up. With Square Invoices, you can send an invoice from your phone or tablet right when you’ve finished up with a client. No need to go back to your desk and work through a heap of them.

Send a personalized message

Personal touches are always a good idea when communicating with your customers, and invoices are no different. Square Invoices lets you add a little note — something like “hope you like your new bathroom floor — great color choice!” That extra personalization could go a long way in keeping you and your services top of mind.

Square Invoices is available straight from your Square Point of Sale app or your Square Dashboard. Just select invoice from your mobile device instead of credit or cash, and still pay only 2.75% per paid invoice. Your invoices go straight to clients’ inboxes, where they can pay quickly and securely with any major credit or debit card.

Here’s to getting paid faster.

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