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Online invoicing that gets you paid faster.

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Stop chasing checks

No more messy paper records. Square Invoices puts everything you need to get paid in one place.

Hold the phone

No need to take credit or debit cards over the phone—or worry about higher processing rates. Save time and get paid with a click.

Send free, pay when it’s paid

Invoices are free to send. Pay 2.75% per paid invoice and see money in your account in one to two business days.

Send invoices faster

Send invoices free right from Square Register on your mobile device. It’s as easy as swiping a card.


Faster and easier than ever before.

Square Invoices now gives you a whole new way to get paid. No need to wait for your money or take cards over the phone—send invoices free right from your mobile device.

Simple to send

Select items and send invoices directly from Square Register on your mobile device with a tap. It’s as easy as swiping a card.

Complete integration

Invoices sent from your mobile device sync with your Square Dashboard so you can track paid or unpaid invoices quickly.

Invoices that integrate with your business.

Send in minutes

Send invoices right from Square Register on your mobile device or sign in to your Square Dashboard.

Get paid any way

Customers can pay directly with credit or debit card. You can record it if a customer pays with check or cash.

Add it all up

See who’s paid you and who still owes you—and send friendly reminder invoices at any time.

Everything in one place

Add products from your Square item library to your invoices. Track invoices in the same place you see your Square sales.

As easy as an email.

Invoices go straight to customers’ inboxes, and payment is simple and secure.

Pay with peace of mind

Customers can pay with any major credit or debit card from the secure payment link. They’re not charged a fee—no matter how they pay.

Know when you’re all square

Email notifications tell you when a customer has paid an invoice.


Customers can reply directly to the invoice if they have any questions for you.


Businesses have been paid millions of dollars through Square Invoices.

We are intensely busy and don’t have time to track people down for payment. Square Invoices works beautifully.

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