How to Attract the Next Generation of Employees

How to Attract the Next Generation of Employees
There's a lot of talk about millennials in the workplace, but have you thought about what it takes to attract Gen Z? Here are a few things to consider.
by Tiffany Walden May 13, 2019 — 2 min read
How to Attract the Next Generation of Employees

In the minds of Gen Xers and beyond, anyone younger than 37 is a millennial. That’s not the case. There is an entire group of tech-savvy, brilliant young Americans who are making a mighty impact on the workforce. They are Gen Z, sometimes referred to as the iGeneration since they grew up with the internet, YouTube, music streaming, and iPhone technology at their fingertips.

Though most of Generation Z is too young to work, the top half of the generation — currently ages 18 to 24 — is ready to shake up the world. But if business owners and job recruiters don’t understand what makes these young folks tick, it can be challenging to attract and employ them.

Recently, Glassdoor released its research on what Gen Zers are looking for in a career. Some of the findings include aspirations to work at tech-industry giants such as IBM, Google, and Amazon. It’s the relaxed work environments, flexible hours, good pay, company discounts, and free food of Silicon Valley companies that catch their eye.

We’ve compiled some tips on how to reach and attract Gen Zers to your company.

Upgrade your perks

Gen Zers love a good work perk. Google offers free gourmet cafeterias, nap pods, onsite gyms, and more. Apple employees receive discounts on products, up to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave, and more. Netflix doesn’t track employee vacation days and work hours. Maybe those types of perks aren’t in your budget, but you still have a lot to offer. The iGeneration wants to work at companies that prioritize great work environment and culture, alongside opportunities to advance their career. Try offering a work-from-home option or flexible hours in addition to creating more personalized connections with your employees. They will value being seen as more than just another number.

Inclusive benefits

Most workers, regardless of age, are looking for great benefit packages when choosing to join a company. These days, business owners are exploring ways to be more inclusive in their benefit plans. One way is to make sure the language in your benefit package is inclusive of LGBTQ relationships and partnerships. Take some time to understand the LGBTQ community and their need for healthcare plans that can take care of their domestic partners and children.


Much like the millennial generation ahead of them, Gen Zers aren’t into people bossing them around at work. Bosses, too, are a thing of the past. Instead, the iGeneration is much more appreciative of jobs that prioritize mentorship. They’re looking for senior leadership that will take them under their wing and give feedback on a regular basis to ensure they’re doing their jobs correctly. They’re looking for senior leadership that is passionate about helping them grow within the company. They want to be given the tools to win as soon as they enter the company. It’s a completely different work culture than that of the Baby Boomer generation, but it’s one that is totally doable.


Gen Zers are searching for jobs with stability. They want to be able to advance within their company if their performance is stellar. They’re independent thinkers and workers, and desire senior leadership that will listen to their ideas. But they don’t want to be looked down on for their independence and competitive nature.

Tiffany Walden
Tiffany Walden is a contributor at Square where she covers everything from the importance of mentorship for minority entrepreneurs to how business owners can use technology to combat challenges within their respective industries.


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