How the Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar stays connected to their clients


  • The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar’s customizable Square point-of-sale system provides them with critical data to meet their growing business needs.
  • Square Messages and Square Marketing help Alix and her team create personalized experiences to keep clients coming back.
  • Alix manages her business on the go right from her phone with the Square Point of Sale app.

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About The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar

Based in San Antonio, Alix Mane built her business by traveling to do hair and makeup for her clients on-site. She needed a payment solution that could travel with her, and she started to accept payments on her phone with the Square Reader.

After opening a full-service salon and spa in San Antonio, The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar, she uses a full-scale Square point-of-sale system with a variety of integrated Square tools to grow business and meet increasing demand.

“Hearing, ‘It was a beautiful experience. That salon was amazing. We’ll recommend it to friends.’ makes me feel really good about my business.”

— Alix Mane
Founder, The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar

Customize a POS to meet the needs of a growing business

Once Alix expanded to a brick-and-mortar salon and began to offer retail products, she needed a system that could keep up with her business. She was able to customize her Square Point of Sale to fit the needs of her growing salon.

“I think Square has truly helped me stay organized as a business. I have so many different services and retail items that I’m able to keep track of in one system.”

— Alix Mane
Founder, The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar

With her full-scale POS system, Alix can track important data in real time, including inventory, which products sell the best, and which team members sell the most. With all this data readily available to her, Alix can see how her business is doing and find simple ways to improve.

“I love my Square Dashboard and being able to look at what we’re doing. You can see which services are selling the best, which really influences what I’m pushing in my marketing.”

— Alix Mane
Founder, The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar

Keep clients coming back with personalized experiences

The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar focuses on delivering a seamless, personalized experience for each and every customer. Square makes it easy to save repeat customers’ cards on file to make checkout faster.

“Clients are busy and want to get in and get out. Making that easy transaction at the end is what I love about Square.”

— Alix Mane
Founder, The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar

On top of providing an excellent experience in the salon, Alix and her team can stay connected with repeat customers and new clients after they leave. With Square Messages they can communicate with clients without using their personal phone numbers. Square Messages delivers feedback from clients in real time, so Alix and her team can quickly follow up or resolve any issues for new and repeat customers.

Throughout the pandemic service industry professionals had to find ways to sell their products and services even when their doors were closed, whether that meant offering curbside pickup, online ordering, or contactless payments.

With customers unable to come in for hair appointments, Alix got creative. She and her team began to offer color kits for repeat customers who wanted to keep up their routines, which they could pick up curbside. She used Square Marketing emails to send updates and new offers. Alix continued to sell shampoos, conditioners, and other retail products to keep her business running even when it couldn’t open its doors.

Manage the salon from anywhere

In addition to running her salon, Alix often travels to different jobs and events. She uses her Square Point of Sale app to manage it all when she’s on the go.

With Square Invoices Alix and her team can send invoices directly to clients right from their phones. She can be on the job in another location, check her Square Dashboard on her phone, and know exactly how the salon is doing.

“I love all of the features because I’m always traveling. I can do all kinds of things from the comfort of my phone, wherever I’m at. That convenience is priceless to me.”

— Alix Mane
Founder, The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar

Alix and her team have customized their Square Point of Sale in a way that empowers them to grow and strengthen the business day in and day out.

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