4 Ways Your Business Can Grow with Appointments Software

If appointments make your business go ’round, online scheduling is the way to go. And not just from a strategic omnichannel standpoint. A recent study by Yodle Insights found that 61 percent of consumers expect online appointment booking from a business, or think it sets them apart.

If that’s not enough to convince you, recent data collected by Square between June 2016 and June 2017 found that businesses that used Square Appointments for a minimum of one year have experienced growth across their businesses. Here’s how we’ve seen businesses grow:

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They have more bookings.

Merchants using Square Appointments had an average 34-percent increase year over year in reservations between June 2016 and June 2017. That’s almost a third more clients booking appointments, and many more services provided.

One reason why these businesses might be seeing more bookings? With a convenient booking solution that’s available around the clock, it’s easier to book online with Square Appointments. In fact, 48 percent of reservations booked online with Square merchants were booked after the business had closed for the day.

Clients don’t have to call during working hours (or after hours), and you save precious time doing things other than answering the phone.

They have fewer cancellations.

Sellers with Square Appointments saw an average 12-percent decline in cancellations year over year. The software allows you to discourage misses by requiring clients to submit a credit card number when they book online (so you can charge if they’re a no-show). That’s more clients showing up and bringing in business.

They’ve seen clients adding more services.

Clients booking appointments are not only less likely to cancel, they’re also adding to the number of services they purchase during each appointment. Businesses using Square Appointments experienced an average of 37-percent cumulative growth in services year over year. The ease of booking online, where customers can see all the options available to them, may encourage this behavior.

They have more employees.

Merchants using Square Appointments had an average of 69-percent cumulative growth in staff year over year. With increased efficiencies in booking and fewer cancellations, Square sellers need additional staff to keep up with their growing businesses.

Beyond the growth benefits for your business, online booking provides a better and more convenient experience for your clients. Appointment software lets clients:

  • Book 24/7 (outside of business hours)
  • See all available time slots at once
  • Make or alter their appointment without a call
  • Get automatic reminders, so they’re less likely to miss (Square Appointments includes automatic text and email reminders and prepayment options)

According to the same Yodle Insights study, more than a quarter of consumers want businesses to provide a way to book appointments online. So if you don’t have online appointments yet, now’s the time to get started. It’s a great way to improve your calendar management and your clients’ lives easier.

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