Everything You Need to Know About Holiday Shipping This Year

’Tis season for holiday shipping, and this ShipStation guide is a lifesaver. It includes shipping carrier closures and “ship by dates.” Follow it, and your packages will get to your customers right on time.

They’ve made their infographic in sizes that fit most widescreen monitors, so you can just leave it up as your desktop wallpaper and never worry about finding it again when you need to know the dates.

A few words of holiday shipping wisdom:

  • Make your own business’s holiday shipping ship-by dates extremely visible on your site so your customers never have a question of when they need to purchase by.

  • Include times, as well, for when you cut off shipping each day so they know when to get their order in.

  • When you’re creating your own calendar, don’t forget about padding the dates to include your processing time.

  • Don’t procrastinate! Shipping earlier rather than later is always a good idea.

For all your holiday shipping tasks, be sure to link up your Square account to ShipStation’s app, which is part of our App Marketplace. It’ll make the impending holiday craze so much easier.