Streamline Scheduling with Square Appointments [Video]

Endless rounds of phone tag. No-shows. A calendar covered in erase marks. These are the headaches of scheduling appointments. And they’re not small pain points. You can lose sales when people don’t show up, waste time on the phone, and even miss out on new customers who don’t feel like calling to book.

To help service businesses spend less time scheduling and more time with clients, we’re excited to announce Square Appointments. The tool is an easy way for your customers to book their own appointments and reschedule existing ones without your help. And to help reduce no-shows, Square Appointments automatically sends text and email reminders to your customers. You can determine how far in advance you want to send them out.

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A scheduling app that’s easy for you, and your customers.

We worked alongside entrepreneurs—from math tutors to salon owners—to pilot Square Appointments. They saw an immediate positive impact on their businesses. Some stats: Out of 200 business owners surveyed, 144 sellers said the system helped generate additional revenue, 124 sellers saved more than 30 minutes per day, and 108 sellers said that now they get 10 percent more appointments per week.

Square Appointments is available to businesses of every size, even those not using Square Point of Sale.

Square Appointments is rated one of the most popular, user-friendly, and affordable software products for salons by Capterra. Try Square Appointments and see for yourself.