Square Brings Apple Pay to Your Business

Today we’re excited to announce our most powerful Square Reader yet — the Square contactless and chip reader.

Our new reader will make it easy for every business in the neighborhood to accept Apple Pay and other NFC (contactless) payments, and EMV chip cards, too. It connects wirelessly with your mobile device or Square Stand and pairs seamlessly with Square’s free point-of-sale app. It’s sophisticated enough for a multilocation business like Blue Bottle Coffee and mobile enough for food trucks like Señor Sisig. Get yours here.

Made for everyone.

Our goal has always been to make the best in business technologies available to everyone — and for these technologies to work everywhere. That’s why our new reader is free while supplies last, and it will be retailing for just $49 after that. We’re making it as affordable as possible to get it in the hands of as many businesses as possible.

Hold the phone. (And pay with it everywhere.)

Soon we’ll use our phones to pay for everything. Our new reader brings that day closer for everyone. New payment technologies, no matter what they are, require changes on both sides of the counter. Our new reader makes sure all sellers can be ready for those changes — particularly local sellers, which represent more than 95 percent of all U.S. businesses.

Faster transactions. More security.

When you use Apple Pay with our new reader no signature is required. The transaction takes seconds to complete — and because your customer’s identity is verified by Touch ID (Apple’s fingerprint technology), fraud is a lot harder. This, plus multiple layers of security built in to the reader, means stronger protection for you and your customers.

The Square contactless and chip reader will be begin shipping in waves this fall. We’re excited to see the the whole neighborhood accepting every way their customers want to pay.

Reserve your Square contactless and chip reader here.