How to Make Money on Pinterest

You’ve decided to use social media platforms to promote your products? Great. Now it’s time to take advantage of the revenue opportunities those platforms provide. Here’s a quick guide for making money on  Pinterest.

Getting started

You’ll want to distinguish your brand from personal users by setting up a Pinterest business account. It’s free. When you sign up, you can utilize the site’s analytics and get a business profile that helps customers know your business is legitimate.

After you’ve set that up, you can claim your website, Square Online Store, and other content, so whenever a user interacts with your content, you’ll be able to see the performance in analytics.

Next, you can use widgets to enhance your content for users. If your website or any social pages have photos, users can pin the pictures to their boards.

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Making money on Pinterest

Once you’ve set up your business profile, it’s time to start using the site to make money.

1. Advertise: Pinterest allows brands to advertise on its site, so while users are scrolling through their recommended Pins, they can see your ad. You can add the Pinterest tag to your ads, which allows you to track conversions.You can also choose the type of advertising campaign you want, such as an awareness-building campaign or a conversion campaign, which are advertisements directed specifically at getting customers to purchase something.

2. Use Shop the Look: When you set up Shop the Look, customers can find and buy products right inside the Pins. When a Pin has Shop the Look enabled, there’s a small, white dot in the right-hand corner that users can interact with to see different products in that image. If a customer wants to buy the item, they can click through to your site to make a purchase. You have to join ShopStyle Collective to enable this feature.

3. Use SEO strategies for users to find you: Search engine optimization (SEO) works on Pinterest, too. Not only does it help when users search within Pinterest, it could also boost your search on sites like Google.

4. Celebrate the holidays: Taking advantage of key “seasonal moments” on Pinterest helps drive interaction with your brand on the platform, and can lead, ultimately, to sales. Pinterest describes its users as “big-time planners,” so your business needs to be, too. Users like to use Pinterest to plan their Thanksgiving feast or how they’re going to decorate their homes for the holidays. By having targeted advertisements and content on your page during these moments, you increase your chances of generating revenue.

5. Follow brands you admire: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Watch brands that are similar or adjacent to yours and see what they are doing to generate success. Then, you can model that for your brand — or propose a partnership for both brands to increase followers, interactions, and sales.