Kitchen Printing, Sales Reporting, and More — New Tools for Restaurants on Android

Good news for quick-service restaurant owners with Androids — now you can run even more aspects of your business straight from your devices. We’ve updated our Android point-of-sale offerings (you can find all of Square’s Android kits for restaurants here) to include some powerful new hardware and software tools to help you streamline operations. Here’s what’s new:

Sync your device with kitchen printers

No more running around with order stubs. Now you can send tickets to the kitchen printer straight from your Square app on an Android phone or tablet. You even have the option to add a name (either custom or autogenerated from the customer’s credit card) or order number so people can quickly claim their food. All of this means faster order taking and delivery. Head to the Square Shop to customize your Android POS kit with kitchen-printing hardware.

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Connect a cash drawer

Square’s Android POS kits for restaurants now come with a cash drawer that you can connect to the Square app to keep your business’s cash secure. The cash drawer can connect to a receipt printer (which is also included in Square’s Android POS kits) or directly to your Android phone or tablet.

Sales reporting

You no longer have to go into the back office to check the day’s numbers. Now you can access important business reports and sales information straight from your Android tablet, wherever you are. So if there’s a lull in your line, you can quickly look up things like sales reports summaries and which items are selling the best that day. When you’re on your tablet, just head to the Reports applet in the Square app to access all of this data. (Note: this feature is only available on Android tablets.)

Cash drawer management

Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual process of reconciling your cash drawer. Now you can see exactly how much cash should be in your drawer at the end of each shift, along with a breakdown of payment methods and paid-outs — which makes it easy for your store manager to close things out. What’s more, all your cash drawer reports are available in the Square app on your Android tablet and in your Dashboard under Sales. So, if you or your accountant need to quickly reference a previous cash drawer report, you won’t have to go digging. (Note: this feature is only available on Android tablets.)

Our new suite of Android tools for restaurants ensures that you can run your business on whatever device works best for you. Download the Square Point of Sale POS app in Google Play here and head to the Square Shop to find the Android POS kit that fits your business.