Introducing Square Register: An End-to-End Integrated Point of Sale

As your business grows and becomes more complex, we know it’s important for you to have tools that scale to meet your needs as well as those of your employees and your customers.

That’s why we’re introducing Square Register, a powerful and versatile point of sale that gives you time back for what matters most — your business and your customers. Built from the ground up to integrate hardware, software, and payments, Square Register is a more reliable and more intuitive POS than ever before.

With Square Register you get dedicated hardware (including a seller display, customer display, hardware hub, and mounting kit), embedded point-of-sale software, and Square’s secure payments technology — and they’re all built by Square, so you can sell with confidence, knowing everything will just work together.

Here are some other benefits of Square Register:

  • Reliability: Register was designed and built for reliability and easy maintenance. So no more tablets, iOS updates, or app versions to manage — we take care of all of that. Built-in Ethernet and USB ports improve reliability (and there’s always Offline Mode when you need it).
  • Faster checkout: The larger seller screen and dedicated customer-facing touch display help speed up your lines and cut down transaction times. The customer display ensures that orders are accurate (and provides an added level of transparency for your customers). And the customer-driven payments free up your cashiers’ time.
  • A beautiful and customizable countertop: Register’s sleek design, small footprint, and minimal cables make for a more attractive countertop. And it’s built so that you can customize it to your needs. You can add your logo to the customer display, for example, or dock or undock it depending on your setup. And the expanded USB hub (there are five ports) means you can add whatever attachments or peripherals you need to run your business.
  • A business ecosystem: Register integrates with Square’s business tools like analytics and Marketing, and with third-party tools through our App Marketplace. Our ecosystem provides everything you need to run and grow your business.
  • Cloud data: With Register, you can instantly sync your items, customers, inventory, and sales across all Square devices. That means you can access reports at home or on the go.
  • Improved security: Square Register is extra secure without any additional apps or web access to worry about. And a built-in seller display means you don’t have to worry about iPad theft.
  • Transparent pricing: Sellers can accept all forms of payment through Register and each tap, dip, or swipe is just 2.6%+10¢ per transaction, with no hidden fees. And you still get paid quickly with next-business-day (or instant) transfers.
  • Quick setup: Easy-to-set-up software and intuitive design make it fast and painless to get started. Just plug in and start selling. (If you’re switching from another POS system, you can easily migrate inventory and other items.)

“We’ve been using Square Register at our Mountain Winery venue in Saratoga and are excited to roll it out to many of the other larger venues and festivals we serve,” said Ryan Mendez from Best Beverage Catering, a full-service events company. “The buyer-facing display and fast payment offerings have positively changed the food and beverage experience at these shows for both vendors and consumers.”

Square Register is available in the Square Shop for $799 or $39/mo for 24 months.*

Interested in Square Register? Order now.

*Subject to credit approval. Terms apply.