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Introducing Powerful Online Marketing Tools for the Offline World

Editorial Team

We know connecting with your customers is at the heart of what you do. But effectively continuing that relationship after they’ve left your store — whether it’s through sending a promotion, sharing news, or just getting their feedback — is hard. These days you might collect customer contacts on a clipboard, manually enter them into a spreadsheet, and send an email into the void.

So today we’re releasing a suite of powerful Customer Engagement tools uniquely suited for local businesses. Because you run your business with Square Point of Sale, these tools link your online marketing efforts to sales in the real world.

Get Started With Square Customer Engagement

Keep your customers coming back.

With these tools comes Square Marketing, an easy and effective way to drive valuable foot traffic to your store. You can choose from several beautiful, customizable email templates to create a promotion, an announcement, or an event invitation. And Square gives you something no one else can offer: preorganized lists of customers who’ve already visited your store — whether loyal, casual, or lapsed — so you can target the right audience with the right message from day one. You might invite loyal customers to a “Friends and Family” event or maybe re-engage lapsed customers with a special deal.

More importantly, Square Marketing closes the loop for brick-and-mortar businesses. Traditional email marketing tools show how many people opened your email. But with Square, you see precisely how marketing drives in-store sales, whether customers come back, and how much they spend when they do. During our pilot, sellers who sent out promotions saw open and redemption rates at 2x the industry average. Those numbers translate into real dollars: Square sellers generated nearly $1,000,000 in sales tied directly to promotion redemptions.

With payments and Square Point of Sale, financial services like Square Capital, and now marketing services like Customer Engagement, local businesses have greater access than ever to simple, powerful tools that help them make smart decisions and grow sales.

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