SQUA(RED) Reader: The Gift That Gives Back

Every day, more than 650 babies are born with HIV. Through our partnership with (RED), we’re hoping to get that number to zero.

From 12 Corners Cafe, a coffee shop in New York, to Blake Ashland, a bowtie seller in North Carolina, local businesses have already raised more than $120,000 to fight AIDS by donating $10 for a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader. Each $10 donation goes a long way—providing more than 24 days of life-saving medication for someone living with HIV.

What’s more, when customers pay through a SQUA(RED) Reader, they get more information about the fight to end AIDS via their digital receipts. “We were already a proud Square merchant, and then we learned that we could continue to be so and help one of the most important causes there is,” said Benjamin Krotin, the owner of Allstar PC & Mac. “It motivates us to work harder, and it’s an amazing conversation point with customers.”

To commemorate World AIDS Day, we’re bringing back our SQUA(RED) Reader to continue to spread awareness for the cause. We’re asking independent businesses to donate a SQUA(RED) Reader to another seller in their community to join the fight.

Here’s how you can get involved:

#1. Donate

Order a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader with a $10 donation to help fight AIDS with (RED).

#2. Gift

Gift the SQUA(RED) Reader to a friend, family member, or neighbor—or use it yourself.

#3. Receive

Refer the business to Square, and you can both get free processing on up to $1,000 in sales.

Together, let’s work towards the first AIDS FREE GENERATION in over 30 years.

For more information about this program, visit square.com/red.