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Get Paid in a Click: Introducing New Invoicing Features

Editorial Team

Getting paid is cool. Getting paid fast is cooler. So to speed things up, we just rolled out some new features for Square Invoices. The updates make it super easy for you to send out bills and for your customers to quickly settle up, limiting all that awkward back and forth.

Here’s everything new:

  • When you send an invoice (which you can do straight from your smartphone or tablet), your customer gets an email and can pay with just a click. No paper, no friction.
  • All the customer information from your Directory is now synced with Invoices. So you can quickly find people in the system and send them their bill.
  • You can now set due dates for your invoices, so your clients know when to pay you.

This stuff works — Square sellers usually get paid the next day. And it all nets out to just 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online, with no monthly fees.

Learn more about Square Invoices.

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