4 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce No-Show Appointments

Have you just accepted no-show appointments as par for the course? It doesn’t have to be so. Square Appointments now has No-Show Protection with a slew of new scheduling features, including the ability to require clients to enter their credit card, to help nip no-shows in the bud. But beyond that, what else can you do to prevent people from showing up late or not showing up at all? Some suggestions:

Send (digital) reminders.

Old-school appointment cards are a nice thought, but let’s be real, your clients are going to lose them. In this glued-to-our-phones era, digital reminders are where it’s at. You can send your clients email and text reminders straight from Square Appointments, and set how far in advance you want them to go out. But generally, one to three days before the appointment is the most effective.

Lead by example.

If you’re always running 30 minutes behind, your clients will take notice. If you’re always ready to go right on time (or really apologetic in the few instances when you’re not), they’ll notice that, too. Clients have to know that you respect their time before they respect yours back. People who routinely wait for more than 15 minutes are more likely to show up late the next time. If you’re running late, make sure to reschedule (or give a heads-up) as far in advance as you can.

Don’t overbook.

In general, it’s best to space your appointments so you aren’t frenzied and rushed. Overbooking also results in longer waits for clients, which is generally bad news for your no-show appointments rate. When you set up your available slots in Square Appointments, make sure to leave enough time between clients. This buffer will keep everything running smoothly.

Follow up with no-shows.

It’s natural, people forget stuff (even with reminders). Make sure to follow up with people who didn’t show up to find out what happened. Email or text may be the most noninvasive way to do so (rather than by phone). In your message, offer to reschedule their appointment for a different time. That way, you show that you’re accommodating and also don’t lose the sale.

We hope these strategies help make managing your appointments a well-oiled machine.

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