19 Fall Marketing Ideas That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Fall is an ideal time to promote your business: Summer is winding down, fall-themed decorations are going up, and people are gearing up for the holiday season. Take advantage of the season’s opportunities with these marketing ideas.

  1. Update your website with fall themes: Bring the fall spirit to your online store or website. Add fall colors and banners advertising the season and any upcoming sales and promotions.
  2. Participate in Small Business Saturday: Small Business Saturday is November 28. Consider participating by offering deals and promotions to celebrate your business and thank customers for visiting your online or brick-and-mortar store.
  3. Launch an Instagram photo contest: Invite customers to post pictures of themselves engaged in their favorite fall activities (apple picking, flag football, etc.) with a designated hashtag. Choose a winner and offer them a free gift, and re-gram the photo on your account.
  4. Hold a “can-do” event: Email customers offering them a discount when they bring in canned and other nonperishable food items to donate to a local food pantry.
  5. Put your name on it: Ditch the paper or plastic bags (at least temporarily) in favor of reusable shopping bags featuring your business’s name. You could also encourage customers to carry it by offering a discount when they bring it into the store.
  6. Sponsor a team: Support young athletes in a way that fits with your business. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, maybe partner with a girls’ soccer team. Or if you run a restaurant, offer pre- or post-game promotions for orders.
  7. Advertise in local blogs and newspapers: Identify the most popular blogs and local newspapers in your community for news, style, food — whatever best aligns with your business — and advertise special promotions for readers. By advertising through local media and community blogs, you can more easily reach your target market. 
  8. Help plan an online festival: Local fall fairs and festivals are likely cancelled in your community this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the season together online. Partner up with other business owners in your community to plan an online event with games, prizes, and a way to bring your community together.
  9. Host a social party: Invite all your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers to meet up online for an online shopping party with special promotions and giveaways.
  10. Offer an appealing deal: Entice people to shop with you by offering a discount. You can promote your sale via window signage, social media posts, or Square’s email marketing software.
  11. Celebrate new holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving get all the glory, but you can make your business stand out with fun, social media–friendly holidays unique to your business, like a “Sweater Weather Saturday” sale or a “Pumpkin Spice Appreciation Day” event.
  12. Start a deal-of-the-week email: Send targeted messages to customers with Square’s email marketing tools offering special discounts on specific items or services.
  13. Offer back-to-school deals: School is back in session, both online and in person. Offer ongoing promotions during the first few months of school on supplies, clothes, or school-lunch related items.
  14. Bring in the experts: Identify common problems among your customers (home organization, wardrobe ideas, hair updates), and designate a day to offer the expertise of your staff and outside consultants with free online consultations.
  15. Help customers prepare for the holidays: Holiday shopping season is looming, so start providing gift ideas and holiday promotions now.
  16. Get some, give some: Promote your store’s personalized Square gift cards for pre-holiday shopping by offering a deal for buying in multiples, like get a free $15 gift card for every $100 you spend on gift cards.
  17. Get media savvy: Reach out to local TV news, radio shows, and podcasts to pitch seasonal stories that relate to your business, like fall fashion updates, seasonal recipes, and more.
  18. Hire fresh talent: Need new photography, graphic design, or social media help? Reach out to local high schools, colleges, and design schools for talented young employees who can give your business a fresh perspective (and audience). If you’re updating or adding photos to your online store, you can also use Square’s Photo Studio for professional product photography.
  19. Donate to local auctions: Fall is a huge fundraising time for schools and charity organizations, so reach out to some of your favorites and offer goods and services for raffles and silent auctions. You’ll raise awareness about your business and be a good neighbor.